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26 Times Steph And Ayesha Curry Set The Relationship Bar High In 2016

They're the best.

1. First of all, Steph and Ayesha celebrated their 5-year wedding anniversary this year!

Ayesha Curry / Via

2. But they've been dating way longer than that — Ayesha shared this adorable 2008 throwback in January.

Ayesha Curry / Via

3. Speaking of dating, even with their busy schedules they found time to go on real dates.

Ayesha Curry / Via

Caption: "Today was awesome. I'm getting nice with my clubs. Woo hoo! We will never stop dating and I love that."

4. Which is important, you know?

Ayesha Curry / Via, Ayesha Curry / Via, Ayesha Curry / Via

5. And when they couldn't find the time for each other, they at least had their companion pillows.

Ayesha Curry / Via

6. In March, they celebrated their birthdays with a joint party at a club.

Ayesha Curry / Via

7. Followed by a more low-key get together in sweatpants.

Ayesha Curry / Via, Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry, Ayesha Curry / Via

8. They took a few vacays this year, including their anniversary trip to France...

Steph Curry / Via

9. ...a family trip to Hawaii where they celebrated baby Ryan's first birthday...

Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry, Steph Curry / Via Instagram: @stephencurry30, Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

10. ...and they visited Disneyland!

Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

11. Steph made us weak several times, including when he dedicated a large portion of his MVP speech to Ayesha.


A small sample: “Whether I have a good game or not, you’re the same person every single day and that means a lot to me, to be able to come home and just share life with you. So thank you very much for who you are.”

12. He recounted their love story in the June issue of Parents magazine saying, "I was 23; she was 22. But I knew I had found the right woman and I wanted to start a life with her."

Peggy Sirota for Parents

13. And his Mother's Day shoutout to Ayesha was just as sweet.

14. It's impossible to talk about the Currys without mentioning how good-looking of a couple they are, and this year was no exception. They stunned at the ESPYs...

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

15. ...and the Kids' Choice Awards.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

16. They even looked hot in emoji form???

Moji Keyboard / Via

17. They were definitely the cutest couple at the Super Bowl.

Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

18. And honestly, only these two could look this good in these racing getups.

Ayesha Curry / Via

19. Even they know how hot they are!

Steph Curry / Via Instagram: @stephencurry30

20. You can't blame 'em, either.

Theo Wenner for WSJ / Via

21. Besides celebrating each other's hotness, they also celebrated each others accomplishments...

Ayesha Curry / Via, Steph Curry / Via

22. ...and made it clear how proud they were of each other.

Steph Curry / Via, Ayesha Curry / Via

23. Steph and Ayesha might have crazy-busy celeb lives, but they were still face-swapping and impersonating one another...

24. ...working out together...

Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

25. ...and Chef Curry-ing it up in the kitchen.

Ayesha Curry / Via

26. They're just goals in every way, shape, and form.

Ayesha Curry / Via Instagram: @ayeshacurry

Wishing this adorable family all the best in 2017.

Ayesha Curry / Via

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