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19 Pictures That Pretty Much Are 2016

Bring on the next year.

The Year Of Bots Behaving Badly

Tech pundits predicted bots would change the way humans talk to computers, but the bots launched in 2016 could barely keep up their side of the conversation.

These Were The Biggest Photo Stories Of 2016

Looking back at some of the most powerful and eye-catching pictures we published this year.

Do You Know What Happened In Tech In 2016?

A year of exploding tech, unrelenting hacks, and countercultural forces.

2016: The Year We Stopped Listening To Big Tech’s Favorite Excuse

For a time, "We’re just a platform” was a handy excuse for the unexpected consequences of Silicon Valley's most important companies. But this year it stopped working.

Here Are 50 Of The Biggest Fake News Hits On Facebook From 2016

One fake news entrepreneur says we should expect even more Trump hoaxes in 2017

The 5 Big Tech Policy Battles Of 2017

As the tech industry navigates the first year of the Trump era, old conflicts over encryption and net neutrality will likely resurface, along with unsettled disputes over surveillance, censorship, and the spread of information.

23 Times Blake Lively Looked Freaking Perfect In 2016

Can I borrow some clothes, Blake???

100 Of Cher's Best Tweets From 2016

An emoji-filled journey into one woman's fight against Trump, trolls, and a giant butt.

The People You Needed To Read About In 2016

From the world's greatest gymnast to the world's youngest dictator, these were some of our favorite profiles of the year.

The Most Unforgettable Feature Stories Of 2016

Mysterious maladies, Montreal melons, Munchausen's and matricide, music mavericks, momentous mass murders, and more of our favorite stories from the past year.

27 Times Chris Pratt Ruined Men For You In 2016

Just your daily reminder that Chris Pratt is the best.

15 Crime Stories From 2016 You Need To Read

Here are the most moving, unnerving, infuriating, revelatory, and memorable crime stories published by BuzzFeed News in 2016.

9 Must-Play Video Games We Couldn't Put Down In 2016

We'll probably be talking about them next year too, tbh.

23 der witzigsten Twitter-Fails des Jahres 2016

Twitter dokumentiert die großen Tragödien unserer Zeit.

If You're Bored Countdown The Top 10 Tasty Videos Of 2016 With Us

From all of us at Tasty, we wish you the best 2017!

17 Damn Good Albums From 2016

Swan songs for civilization.

24 Of Our Best Comics Of 2016

These comics are sick.

22 Tumblr Posts That Made British People Laugh Then Cry In 2016

"How to spot a brit: 1) shout out '0800 00' 2) wait until someone shouts '1066'

2016年にBuzzFeed Japan編集部が買ってよかったモノ


16 Dead Set Legends You Should Be Following On The Gram

Insta accounts everyone should be scrolling.

16 Contenders For 2016's Word Of The Year

"Post-truth" was named Oxford Dictionaries' Word of the Year — but some thought there were other words equally deserving of the title this year.

18 YA Books We Can't Wait To Read In 2017

You're going to want to read these immediately.

26 Fucking Batshit Things That Happened In Scotland In 2016

Stolen toilets, huge cocks, furious deer...oh, Scotland. What on Earth would we do without you?



26 Times Shit Got Way Too Fucking Real In Britain In 2016

Stolen crisps, fighting nuns...will the madness never end? H/t the amazing Angry People In Local Newspapers and @SlowSlowNews.

The Top 20 Worldwide Instagram Spots Of 2016

Data provided by Instagram.

Here Is Each State's Most Instagrammed Location In 2016

Did you tag one of these places in your Insta this year?

19 Of The Best YA Books Of 2016

These are the books that captivated us this year. Ranked in no particular order.

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