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22 Tumblr Posts That Made British People Laugh Then Cry In 2016

"How to spot a brit: 1) shout out '0800 00' 2) wait until someone shouts '1066'

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1. On the art of making a good cup of tea:

2. On the new £5 note:

3. On global warming:


4. On British boys:

5. On differences in language:

6. On fine dining:

7. On politics:

8. On injustice:


9. On royalty:

10. On euphemisms:

11. On Eurovision:

12. On Harry Potter:

13. On the difference between British and American television:


14. On the wrath of Gordon Ramsay:

15. On disappointment:

16. On achieving greatness:

17. On climbing the career ladder:

18. On identifying a British person:

19. On banter:

20. On the differences between the UK and the USA:

21. On 2016:

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