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The People You Needed To Read About In 2016

From the world's greatest gymnast to the world's youngest dictator, these were some of our favorite profiles of the year.

Steve Kandell 2 years ago

The Most Unforgettable Feature Stories Of 2016

Mysterious maladies, Montreal melons, Munchausen's and matricide, music mavericks, momentous mass murders, and more of our favorite stories from the past year.

Steve Kandell 2 years ago

Trump Supporters Are Utterly Unfazed By The FBI, Again, Saying It Won't Charge Clinton

With one day to go before the election, news that the FBI again decided to not charge Clinton over her emails didn't seem to discourage Trump's supporters. In fact, it was greeted as even more evidence of a rigged system.

Steve Kandell 3 years ago

The People You Needed To Read About In 2015

From a recovering teen meme to a historical cipher to Instagram superstars to the leader of the men's rights movement, here are some of the most fascinating people we spent time with this year.

Steve Kandell 3 years ago

The World's Most Controversial High-Wire Walker Has A Plan To Take Over Entertainment

With every kind of spectacle imaginable available in our pockets at all times, why does a straitlaced seventh-generation tightrope walker think he can become the most successful entertainer alive? And why do his own relatives resent him for it?

Steve Kandell 4 years ago

23 Of Our Favorite Feature Stories We Published This Year

A housewife who became the first woman to fly around the world. The boxer who integrated Louisiana. A deep-dive into the 60-word basis for the war on terror and an exploration of whether elementary schoolers should be locked up for plotting to kill their classmates. A debauched week in the world's largest retirement community, a weekend at a clown convention, and 36 hours on the fake campaign trail with Donald Trump. Here's a look back at some of the great feature stories BuzzFeed News published in 2014.

Sandy Allen 4 years ago

13 Of Our Favorite Personal Essays We Published This Year

A woman who confronted her abusive stepfather. A man who bought a house in Detroit for $500. A 33-year-old who suffered and survived a stroke. Reflections on love, loss, and life in these great essays.

Sandy Allen 4 years ago

How The “Star Wars” Teaser Awakens Excitement In People Who Thought They Were Over It

The trailer for J.J. Abrams' Star Wars sequel is careful not to show glimpses of familiar characters, but it feels like a calculated throwback just the same.

Steve Kandell 4 years ago

The Worst Day Of My Life Is Now New York's Hottest Tourist Attraction

Nearly 13 years after my sister's death, a reluctant Sunday visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, where public spectacle and private grief have a permanent home together.

Steve Kandell 5 years ago

11 Highlights From Harold Ramis' Amazing Comedic Career

From Animal House to Caddyshack, Ghostbusters to Groundhog Day, Ramis, who died Monday at 69, helped to define modern movie comedy.

Adam B. Vary 5 years ago

Our 24 Favorite BuzzFeed Feature Stories Of 2013

Ingenious hoaxes and unspeakable tragedies. Serial bank robbers and mysterious maladies. Also, Tracy Morgan doing stuff. Sit by the fire with this collection of big ol' stories we were especially proud to publish this year.

Steve Kandell 5 years ago

The $ports Guy: Why Do So Many Fans Hate Darren Rovell?

To some, he's an endlessly illuminating source of sports-business infotainment, a self-styled reporter for the social media age; to others, he is the embodiment of corporate greed and cultural ruin. How did a nebbishy theater major from Long Island transform himself into sports media's biggest lightning rod?

Steve Kandell 6 years ago