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    14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed Today

    Here's everything you missed today!

    1. Jaden Smith's belated Christmas wish:

    I Wanna Be Ryan Gosling For Christmas

    2. Brittany Snow's end of year suggestion:

    Some real bad shit happened in 2016 But the movie 'Sing Street' also happened. Watch it. Feel better. Repeat

    3. Neil Patrick Harris's moving tribute to Debbie Reynolds:

    Debbie Reynolds played my grandma once, and she was the best. Hilarious, smart, bawdy, kind, classy. Losing her and Carrie this way? So sad.

    4. Chloe Grace Moretz's Xmas gift to herself:

    5. This A+ advice from Chris Colfer:

    6. Spencer Pratt's perfect image of all of us until this hellish year is over:

    7. This important message from Chris D'Elia:

    8. Wilmer Valderrama's wise words of wisdom:

    9. This very real and truthful message from George Takei:

    10. Jonathan Cheban's food porn:

    11. This beautiful image of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher that Madonna shared:

    Sweetest Picture ever of Carrie Fisher watching her mother Debbie Reynolds on stage! Hug Your mother today! Then Hu…

    12. Bella Thorne's mega hair update:

    13. This...interesting quote from Paula Abdul:

    If it’s not exactly like u thought it'd be, u think it’s a failure. What about the spectrum of colors in between? –S.Evans #ThursdayThoughts

    14. And this uplifting motivational message from Lin-Manuel Miranda:

    Good morning, good morning. Grateful for you.

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