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    This Woman Documented Just How Hard It Is Being An Adult

    "Am I doing this right?"

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    In the first season of her show, Am I Doing This Right, Kelsey sets out to conquer adulting – and discovers that it's hard AF.

    1. In the first episode of Am I Doing This Right? Kelsey attempts to join the "fit fam."

    2. Next, things get real when Kelsey sets out to find her own prince charming... and confront a couple exes along the way.

    3. In the third episode, Kelsey heads into the Great Outdoors to see just how dependent she is on social media and technology.

    4. In the fourth episode, Kelsey tries to figure out how to be a boss-ass-bitch and get that promotion in the workplace.

    5. In the fifth episode, Kelsey struggles with finding the ~perfect~ roommate.

    6. In this episode, Kelsey figures out how to be her own boss.

    7. In this episode, Kelsey delves into the real estate market in an attempt to buy her first house.

    8. In this episode, Kelsey sets off on a quest to get her money right.

    9. In the last episode, Kelsey gets learns how to get fancy with an etiquette expert.

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