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Niki Ang One year ago
Niki Ang 2 years ago

What It's Like Being Picked On

It’s hard to ignore a bully. It’s even harder to forgive one.

Patrick Ward 2 years ago

4 Helpful Dating Hacks You Should Know

Put together before you get together.

Kevin McShane 2 years ago
Kelsey Darragh 2 years ago

When You're Alone On Christmas

You’re not as alone as you think.

StevenKanter 2 years ago
Kelsey Darragh 2 years ago
Kelsey Darragh 3 years ago
Kelsey Darragh 3 years ago

Is He Still In Love With His Ex?

He still follows her on Instagram. What does that mean?

Garrett Werner 3 years ago
Patrick Ward 3 years ago

How Guys Feel On A Double Date

Try and remember his name.

Patrick Ward 3 years ago

The Gender Binary Explained Through Toys

So let’s say there’s this machine…

Branson LB 3 years ago

The Anxiety Of Getting Your Prescription Refilled

If you have anxiety you know getting your meds refilled can be anxiety inducing in itself. This video depicts situations and experiences that may cause panic in viewers who have experienced similar events.

Kelsey Darragh 3 years ago

The Ultimate Guide To Cuddling

Have a safe cuddle!

Justin Tan 3 years ago

If Cable News Were Honest

Is this a deceiving headline to get you to tune in at 10? Tune in at 10 to learn that it is.

Chris Reinacher 3 years ago

Here's How The First Bromance Happened

“Affleck and Damon, Bert and Ernie, the two guys from Daft Punk…”

StevenKanter 3 years ago

This Is The Secret History Of Catcalling

“Sup girl, my dick don’t work too good.”

StevenKanter 3 years ago

These Men Felt Emotions For The First Time

"I've been hungry before... Is that an emotion?"

StevenKanter 3 years ago

The History Of The Dick Pic

This is the story of fuckboy meets girl.

StevenKanter 3 years ago