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    We Got To Live In A Mansion And Realized You Really Don't Need All That Room

    Must be nice.

    This is Niki and Garrett, and they love to experience different living situations and document it all in their series called "Homebuddies."

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    First, Niki and Garrett got a tour from John, the owner, who explained the 8,400-square-foot home was built in 2006, and has 24-foot ceilings.

    The master bedroom had both a fireplace and a TV. Yep, it was pretty badass.

    The kitchen had three dishwashers, two ovens, and a warming drawer.

    Oh, and did we mention there was a super cool movie theater room where you could watch up to three screens at the same time?

    The outdoor area of the mansion was also insane.

    On the first day, they sort of got the hang of how to operate the house and kind of did their own thing.

    On the next day, they made a point to hang out with each other more.

    Then Garrett did something incredibly sweet and thoughtful. He surprised Niki with a massage.

    Then it was pool time. Could it get any better?

    Niki and Garrett got all dressed up. It was like going to a restaurant right in your house.

    As their ritzy weekend was winding down, they realized something really important.

    And, before they left, there were still two games left to see who would have to pay up.

    Although they loved the experience of getting to live in a sprawling mansion, they realized that most people don't really need all that space (or stuff) to be happy.