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    19 Things All British People Do In That Bit Between Boxing Day And New Year

    It's The Festive Gooch.

    1. Work out how many days it is til next Christmas.

    2. Try to decide what this time of year is called.

    Twitter: @RichardNJames

    Is it the Festive Perineum? Betwixtmas? The Chrimbo Limbo? The Merryneum?

    No one can agree.

    It's a mystery.

    Twitter: @Benoo_Brown

    Whatever it's called, you feel smug if you've got the week off and bitter if you're back in the office.

    3. Get ridiculously over-excited about World’s Strongest Man being on telly and shout for all your family to come watch it.

    4. Be slightly unsure whether it’s still OK to listen to Christmas songs.

    Columbia / BuzzFeed

    It DEFINITELY is, especially if they're by George Michael 😢

    5. Feel a little bit heartbroken when you discover the special Christmas radio station has been taken off air.

    6. Get a frisson of excitement when you check the Radio Times and see that Homes Under the Hammer and Doctors have been replaced by back-to-back movies.

    Twitter: @Simon_Pegg

    They're spoiling us!

    7. Be like, “Free Willy 3, rubbish, I’m not watching this.”

    Warner Bros.

    Then sit watching it and cry and love everything and everyone especially killer whales.

    8. Keep having to swap one pair of batteries between the TV remote and the drone someone got for Christmas.

    9. Wonder whether it's still OK to wear your pyjamas all day or if it's a bit disgusting now.

    Twitter: @MittenDAmour

    Then decide you don't give a shit.

    10. Get continued enjoyment from drinking booze before noon.

    11. Debate whether or not the turkey scraps are still safe to eat.

    Twitter: @RachaelKatex / BuzzFeed

    10 points if you can smuggle the whole lot into the dog's food bowl and put an end to this nightmare.

    12. Contemplate tackling the sad dregs of the selection box.

    Twitter: @Jerxme_Tee

    Bountys Bountys everywhere.

    13. Get a massive crick in your neck from spending basically 120 hours lying on the sofa.

    Hannah Jewell / BuzzFeed

    14. Lose all sense of time and place.

    15. Have a massive argument with your family over a board game.

    16. Have another fight with your family for no reason except that you’re all extremely claustrophobic, restless, bloated, hungover, and full of sugar.

    17. Feel bored.

    Halden Rhorer / BuzzFeed

    18. Then remember this is the life you always dreamed of and wanted.

    19. But mostly just savour these last precious moments of feasting and slobbing until 2017 comes along and ruins everything.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

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