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5 Books We Couldn't Put Down Last Month

From Jasmine Guillory's Royal Holiday to Elizabeth Strout's Olive, Again. As recommended by the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.

Tomi Obaro 10 days ago

"Me Before You" Author Jojo Moyes Has Been Accused Of Publishing A Novel With "Alarming Similarities" To Another Author's Book

The historical novels The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek and The Giver of Stars, published a few months apart, share some noticeable similarities. Book Woman author Kim Michele Richardson has raised concerns; Moyes denies having read Richardson’s book.

Tomi Obaro One month ago

11 Great Books About Rock And Roll

From Debbie Harry’s upcoming memoir to Jennifer Egan’s A Visit from the Goon Squad.

Tomi Obaro One month ago

Nine New Books By Latinx Writers You’ve Got To Read

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, check out these new books by Daniel José Older, Valeria Luiselli, Shea Serrano, and more!

Tomi Obaro One month ago

11 Books To Read If You Like “The Handmaid’s Tale”

From Margaret Atwood’s just-released sequel The Testaments to Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.

Tomi Obaro 2 months ago

Lizzo Is Proudly Black No Matter What Azealia Banks Implies

Lizzo isn't the first black artist accused of pandering to white audiences. And like Whitney Houston and Prince before her, she doesn't deserve the criticism.

Tomi Obaro 2 months ago

4 Books We Absolutely Loved Last Month

Some recent faves, as recommended by the BuzzFeed Books newsletter.

Tomi Obaro 2 months ago

33 Books You’ve Got To Read This Autumn

The sequel to Call Me by Your Name, new Margaret Atwood, Ta-Nehisi Coates's debut novel, and more! Time to smash that preorder button.

Tomi Obaro 2 months ago

Dave Chappelle Doesn’t Need To Punch Down

In his occasionally funny new Netflix special, Chappelle continues to make anti-trans and victim-blaming jokes. Why can't he strive to be more thoughtful?

Tomi Obaro 2 months ago

18 Times Toni Morrison Spoke To Our Souls

“We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”

Tomi Obaro 3 months ago

Let’s Talk About The “Striking Vipers” Episode Of “Black Mirror”

Black Mirror’s “Striking Vipers” episode and the new movie The Last Black Man in San Francisco offer two competing ideas of black male intimacy. Mild spoilers.

Tomi Obaro 5 months ago

Take Your AirPods Off

They're ugly, overpriced, and harbingers of gentrification.

Tomi Obaro 6 months ago

Netflix's "You" Captures The Hell Of Dating As A Straight Woman

The dark dramedy takes the horrors of modern dating to hilariously morbid extremes. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Tomi Obaro 10 months ago

66 Books Coming In 2019 That You'll Want To Keep On Your Radar

We tried to keep it short. (Presented in no particular order.)

Arianna Rebolini 10 months ago

10 Poets On Their Favorite Poetry Collections Of 2018

Jenny Xie, Tommy Pico, Sam Sax, and seven other poets share their favorite collections of the year.

Tomi Obaro 10 months ago

12 Accomplished Authors Give Their Book Recommendations

Each month this year, we asked writers like Meg Wolitzer, Tayari Jones, and Sloane Crosley what they’ve been reading. Here are their picks.

Tomi Obaro 11 months ago

Like Everyone Else In The Aughts, I Loved Norah Jones

Reviewers dismissed Jones’ first two albums as Starbucks music, but there’s no denying how popular they were.

Tomi Obaro 11 months ago

Will John Legend Ever Make Interesting Music Again?

The R&B singer, despite his progressive politics, has remained uncontroversial in an increasingly polarized moment. But has it come at an artistic cost?

Tomi Obaro One year ago

Asking People About #MeToo Uncovers A Generation Gap

A new survey conducted by BuzzFeed News and Ipsos shows a notable partisan and generational divide on the #MeToo movement.

Tomi Obaro One year ago

Aretha Franklin Was More Than Just A Great Voice

“Genius” is a title Aretha deserves, without question. That we have often failed to give it to her (and other black women) only shows our own biases.

Tomi Obaro One year ago