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19 Couples In 2016 Who Perfectly Nailed This Whole Relationship Thing

:::Feels single AF:::

1. This husband who made his wife the most amazing vanity.

2. These grandparents and their matching outfits.

3. This girlfriend who got a fantastically extra blanket.

4. This mum's Snapchats.

5. This guy who combined two memes in one Christmas card.

6. And this one who got more than he bargained for when buying his girlfriend gifts.

7. These parents and their love letters.

8. This girlfriend's reaction to an empty box.

9. This boyfriend who had just one question to ask.

10. The giver of this incredible Christmas gift.

11. This girl who had the best gift idea ever for her boyfriend.

12. This guy who let his girlfriend do some amazing makeup.

13. This proposal that caused the most pure reaction ever.

14. This boyfriend's creative picture-taking.

15. And this one's genius prank.

16. This guy who made sure his S.O. didn't sleep without her bonnet.

17. And this one who knows his girlfriend really, really well.

18. This couple who started out with a tweet.

19. And finally, these parents getting distracted during their swimming lesson.