Today's "Mumbai Mirror" Literally Had A Lot Of Fucks To Give

    The sub-ed is probably also quite done with 2016.

    It's not new for the Times Group to ignore the rules of copy editing and not give a single fuck once in a while.

    Today on page 37 of its notorious tabloid, Mumbai Mirror, there was clearly, well... an abundance of fucks given.

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    The paragraph appeared as part of a page-long guide to New Year's Eve plans in Mumbai.

    While it maaay just have been a case of miscommunication between the editors and those who handle the layout, readers are having a blast bashing their favourite punching bag.

    Well, fuck.

    We're very sorry for an inexplicable and inexcusable error in the 'Unwind' section of today's edition. It simply shouldn't have been there.

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