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Running Late? You Have To See These 15 Images Right This Second

Forever "on my way."

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4. And, of course, your breakfast is the breakfast of champions.

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Except you never look this put together when you're shoveling it down your throat as you run out the door to catch the bus.


6. The fucked up thing is that, when you're already late, EVERYTHING CONSPIRES AGAINST YOU TO MAKE THINGS 1000% WORSE.

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The bus breaks down, there are signal malfunctions in the subway, and you just might break down and cry.


10. And all you can do is reply with cute little emojis and hope they forget about it.

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Shit icon, smiling face, hearts... as long as it's cute enough to distract 'em, that'll do the trick!

11. The truth is, sometimes, you're not even late because you didn't wake up on time.


You just became occupied doing more important things, like scrolling through Instagram or contemplating the meaning of life.


This post was translated from Portuguese.