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    People Are Thanking Debbie Reynolds On Twitter For Her Work As An Ally To The LGBT Community

    "We must make sure icons and trailblazers like her are not forgotten."


    Following the death of Debbie Reynolds, just one day after her daughter, actor Carrie Fisher, many in the LGBT community have used social media to remember her work as an advocate and ally throughout her career.

    Many people pointed out that she headlined an AIDS benefit at the Hollywood Bowl in 1983, two years before President Ronald Reagan would address the disease publicly.

    Twitter: @TUSK81

    Reagan first mentioned the word "AIDS" in public in 1985 while responding to a reporter's question.


    Beyond her performances at various benefits, she remained an ally to the community for the duration of her career:


    Her work, on and off the silver screen, helped many in the LGBT community feel comfortable being themselves.

    Debbie Reynolds, a true ally and queen until the end.