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31 Things To Make Every Room In Your House More Comfortable

I want beds made of throw pillows and forts make of fleece!

1. This bag chair that you can plop down in for hours on end.

2. This coffee table book that'll also give you tips on how make your home the coziest of places.

3. These twinkly lights that aren't just for the holidays.

4. This pillow that also provides you with the forecast.

5. These furry stools that you rest your feet on, or just hug tight.

6. This pouf that's meant for weddings but is actually just a plush place to sit.

7. This towel set that's made of luxe AF Egyptian cotton.

8. This throw blanket that's so soft you'll think you're being hugged by a marshmallow.

9. These velvet curtains so that even your windows can be comfy, cozy.

10. This portrait of Dumbledore because nothing says comfort more than the protection of the best fictional headmaster ever.

11. This throw blanket that'll smother you in coziness.

12. These candles that'll make your home smell like your favorite coffee shop.

13. This knitted pouf that looks like your grandma might have made it just for you.

14. This lantern that'll literally help light up your life.

15. These velvet pillows so you can lie in luxury.

16. This elephant pillow that'll make cuddly memories that your baby will never forget.

17. This shag carpet that'll make for the most comfortable steps you've ever taken.

18. This cable-knit blanket that's lined with the most comfy Sherpa lining you've ever felt.

19. This ottoman that you'll use to begin your empire.

20. This diffuser that'll make your home smell delightful AF.

21. This plush toy that'll make it a little more comfortable to hug your makeup.

22. This mug that'll make your warm beverages just that much cuter.

23. This candle that's looking pretty good.

24. This quilt set that'll keep you as snug as a bug in bed.

25. This lamp that'll set the perfect mood lighting for a romantic night with your Netflix subscription.

26. This bathroom mat that'll have you walking out of the shower in serene comfort.

27. This throw blanket that comes with matching socks so that you're cozy from your head down to your toes.

28. This canopy that'll let you make a classy, grown-up version of a fort.

29. This throw pillow that's faux fur but not faux comfortable.

30. This cotton runner that'll make running down your hallway a little less slippery.

31. This portable heater so that you can cuddle up next to the pretend fire.