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28 New Year’s Eve Photos From The Last Century Prove It’s The Best Night To Party

Lets not even argue about this, New Year's Eve is the most fun. Presented by Getty Images.

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...or a group of friends.

A. Hudson / Getty Images

Lilian Baylis playing the piano at her annual New Year's Eve party. Ballet dancers gather around the piano for a sing-song, Jan. 2, 1937.

No one to kiss? At least you have a hat...

Bettmann Archive via Getty Images

Middleweight champion Sugar Ray Robinson looks forward to a "walloping" new year as he trains at Wiley's Gym on Dec. 31, 1956, before defending his title against Gene Fullmer on Jan. 2, 1957.

And this fine ensemble shows some things transcend centuries.

Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

Actor Ida Perry, together with (from left): actors Arnold Rieck, Miss Thielscher, her husband Guido Thielscher, Martha Glueck, Robert Steidl, and Else Wannovius on New Year's Eve, 1906.

Drumroll, everyone, we're almost to the magic hour...

Corbis via Getty Images

Eskimo drummers from Point Hope, Alaska, accompany dancers on walrus-hide drums on New Year's Eve.

This is how 1925 does things, which I guess makes sense?

Bettmann Archive via Getty Images

Old year (on the right) leaves as new year (as a child on the left) arrives through the revolving door. This makes sense.

Toasts all around: It's a brand new year! Time to celebrate!

Bettmann Archive via Getty Images

Miss Frances Langford, radio singer and nightclub performer, gracefully accepts another toast after she had been coaxed atop a table during a New Year's party in New York on Jan. 1, 1934.

There's this somewhat-sexist-but-it's-1941 photo.

Bettmann Archive via Getty Images

The original caption reads, "Champagne and pretty girls, carnival hats and confetti — the setting that a soldier or a sailor likes for his merry-making. The showgirls went all out to make the boys feel at home." Oh, 1941 New York.

And then the 1970s, keeping pace with some New Year's bath-time debauchery.

Allan Tannenbaum / Getty Images

Art dealers Louis and Susan Meisel host a New Year's Eve party in their oversize bathtub, New York, Dec. 31, 1974.

...and the 90s took the party to the wall (literally).

Owen Franken / Getty Images

Reunited Germans celebrate New Year's Eve atop the Berlin Wall, Jan. 1, 1991, two months after the border between the divided city was opened.

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