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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a beautiful calendar, car organizers, an owl-shaped night-light, and more!

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of products called “Movers and Shakers,” which is pretty much just fancy talk for things that are currently ~trending~.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful things found on the list this week:

1. A glittery, flapper-esque headband that would be perfect to wear on NYE. Or any eve.

Promising review: "Beautiful and excellent quality! I wore this to our company party and got many complements. Sooooo worth the price! I would have paid twice what I did for this. The quality is excellent for it being less than $15. It came packaged in a nice pink cardboard jewelry box." —S. Craig

Price: $13.99

2. A memory journal to write a single line in every day.

Promising review: "I just finished five years and purchased a second one. I really do like this journal because I HATE journaling and this is totally manageable. The best thing about keeping a journal like this is that you can easily look back on what you did on a particular day up to 5 years ago, and you can compare each year. Kind of cool. It's interesting to note coincidences over the years, like I happened to be sick at the same time a few years in a row—weird. And my kids saw a particular movie one year, and three years later saw the sequel, to the day, with the same friends, even though they had moved away!!" —Cleanin' Mommy

Price: $13.76

3. A cooler (and organizer) that hooks right onto the back of a seat in your car.

Promising review: "I have been driving with Uber since November and have done almost 100 rides. I am still a 5-star driver because as soon as my passengers get in, I offer them water, mints and Jolly Ranchers and they all fit great in this holder. I also use it on everyday trips and my friends love riding in my car because of this, it's even saved me a few times when I forgot my normal water bottle at home and just arrived to the gym." —Jackie Montano

Price: $8.99

4. Temporary (chalk) hair color that'll wash out with a bit of shampoo.

Promising review: "We've owned other hair-color chalk products, but none have worked well. This is the exception. My daughter (8) uses it regularly, easily, and without assistance. The result is a vivid color that doesn't look caked on or odd. Excellent product." —TXMilWife

Price: $8.80

5. A shopping cart seat cover that comes with a strap to hold a sippy cup *plus* a teether.

Promising review: "I usually wear my 5-month-old daughter through the store when we go shopping, but she is such a curious baby, I knew she would love to sit in the front of a shopping cart. So I began searching for a cover for her! This cover is so adorable and my daughter couldn't be more excited to sit in it! It comes with an orange ring that holds her attention for a little bit, but she really likes to be able to look around. This cover has Velcro sides to attach it to the cart (unlike some that you have to tie). This is one of the best purchases I have made for my daughter so far." —KLeeSwine

Price: $15.88

6. A night-light that'll make kids hoot with happiness.

Promising review: "My son has been using this for three years. Now every night he has to turn it on to comfort himself. The auto turn off works great, as my son will fall asleep when it is still on. The light is not too bright. We call it Mama Owl." —YL

Price: $7.69

7. A bamboo bench with two shelves for shoe storage.

Promising review: "I bought it on a whim and now my life has improved 900% because of this shoe bench. I live in a small apartment where space is of the essence and this shoe bench fit exactly where it was supposed to — like it was made specifically for this small bit of my hallway. What were the chances? Shoes are no longer flung about, but are organized and the extra space on top of the bench is awesome. It took one person maybe 40 minutes to put together, but someone actually skilled at it would take way less than that. The instructions were clear and I couldn't be happier." —Allegra

Price: $35.99

8. A copy of Liane Moriarty's Big Little Lies to read before the miniseries begins on HBO.

Promising review: "Funny, intelligent and, ultimately, moving. There is simply so much to recommended about this book, written by an author who has proven herself incapable of creating a one-dimensional character or a boring plot." —Nitty's Mom

Price: $9.52

9. Adorable baby onesies that you'll wish came in adult sizes.

Promising review: "Very cute, soft, and cuddly to wear. So far, they've held up very well in the wash. Just right for sleep and play." —Clifford C.

Price: $17+

10. An inexpensive organizer to hang over a door (or mount on a wall).

Promising review: "I purchased this to hang over my pantry door. I use it to keep chip bags off the main shelves in the pantry." —Born to Shop

Price: $7.08

11. A new, NSFW "late night party game" from the makers of Taboo.

Promising review: "It's high energy with nonstop laughter and the categories are pee-your-pants hilarious. Just when you think you know your friends, the quiet one proves to be the raunchiest of them all. The only change I would make is to play it at someone else's house in order to keep the baby asleep and the neighbors happy. Goes great with a glass of wine too!!" —Rachel O.

Price: $24.95

12. A collection of Diana Ross & the Supremes songs that'll have you humming "Come See About Me" for the next two weeks.

Promising review: "How can you go wrong with the Supremes? You can't. They were simply in a class of their own. There are so many compilations, it's up to you to choose which one you'd like. I really love this one, it has all the hits (and more) and at this price, it's a real bargain." —Reuben M.

Price: $5

13. A tin of all-natural laundry soda that'll last you for up to 100 loads.

Promising review: "This is my new favorite laundry detergent. The metal tin is cute, easy to open and use, but also completely recyclable. There is a thin plastic bag inside that holds the detergent. I have been using this for about a month now, and I am very happy with the results. Our toughest laundry loads are my husband's work-out clothes, and everything comes out smelling fresh and clean. It even does a great job on the dogs' beds, blankets and soft toys. I have never seen any residue left in my washer after cold or hot loads. The inside tub and glass door are always squeaky clean." —T. Lepianka

Price: $18.90

14. A set of pure copper mugs to drink Moscow Mules from.

Promising review: "I was searching for the right mug to get my BFF, who is obsessed with Moscow Mules. When she opened it up, it was a beautiful cup. Honestly, it looks 10 times better in person. I wanted to snatch it out of her hand and keep it for myself, lol. Great durability so far, she's been using it every day!" —May C.

Price: $20.99

15. And a pair of double-insulated glass mugs for sipping tea (or coffee) from.

Promising reviews: "These mugs are beautiful. Well-crafted, LIGHTWEIGHT (!!!), and they elevate every beverage. I get compliments on them constantly and everyone loves to drink from them. I ordered 5 sets of these and am so glad I did. The inner wall is the only part of the glass that really heats up, so your mug is actually cool to the touch, even if you have boiling hot tea inside. There are slight differences between each mug, and I mean SLIGHT — they are not factory made, people. It gives it a bit of an authentic touch. They are fragile, but you don't need to wear gloves. Really, just use common sense and don't throw them around. They last for a long time, are easy to clean, and store well. Definitely recommend buying these, 100%. You won't regret it!" —AaRop

Price: $29.95

16. A slow feeder bowl for dogs who tend to get a bit too enthusiastic when it's dinnertime.

Promising review: "We love this bowl. My terrier mix has been gulping his food and choking for years, sometimes to the point where we gave him the doggie Heimlich or tilted him upside down to dislodge the food. It was scary, so when I saw this bowl I was hopeful. Not only is it cute, it did the trick. Instead of seconds, it now takes him five minutes to finish his food. It's purposely designed to keep his snout out of the food, forcing him to lick the food out of the bowl. Not only is it fun to watch, his tail was wagging the whole time. I think he likes it, and the slower eating makes it last, so it's like he's getting ten times more food." —Autumn Dawn

Price: $10.99

17. A copy Children of Men (what might be the "most relevant film of 2016").

Promising review: "Intrigue, war, symbolism, superb acting...I could go on and on. There is so much depth to this movie. It's one of those titles you throw out when somebody says they want to see something truly great, but feel like there just aren't any out there they haven't seen. 'You haven't seen Children of Men? That's your next movie.'" —jbro

Price: $9.99

18. And a pretty floral calendar for anyone who wants to ~attempt~ to "do it all" in 2017.

Promising review: "I buy this calendar every year. It has a pocket that you can put pens in, as well as important papers. The magnet on the back ensures that it remains securely attached to the fridge (despite all the pens and important papers)." —Heather Sandsted

Price: $13

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The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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