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December 20, 2016

Education Civil Rights Advocates Fear "Horror Show" Under Trump

The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights is bracing for change under the president-elect, who's previously talked about cutting the office. Many conservatives believe the agency has gone too far in pushing a progressive federal agenda on local community schools

HIV Conviction Of "Tiger Mandingo" Has Been Thrown Out

Michael Johnson was sentenced to 30 years for "recklessly" infecting a sexual partner with HIV. Now, an appeals court has ordered a new trial because prosecutors deliberately withheld evidence from Johnson's attorneys "to gain a strategic advantage." Update: This post has been expanded to include more information from the court's ruling as well as context about Johnson's case and the nation's HIV laws.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

German police arrested one suspect after a truck crashed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least 12 people. Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was shot dead by a gunman screaming about the Syrian crisis. And it’s official: The Electoral College has elected Donald Trump to be the next US president.

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