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December 20, 2016

19 Times Chris Hemsworth's Family Were Too Damn Cute In 2016

What did we do to deserve this family?

17 Problems All Skinny Women Have

The dream: weigh enough to donate blood.

Death Toll In Mexico Fireworks Explosion Rises To At Least 35

Investigators are still trying to determine what sparked the blast that ripped through the popular open-air fireworks market near Mexico City on Tuesday.

The Privilege Of Hollywood Nostalgia

The Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone musical isn’t just about being in love with the past — it’s about who gets to see themselves in it.

Here's What The White House Thinks We Should Do About Automation

To deal with automation's impact on the US workforce, we should invest in artificial intelligence, STEM education and a stronger social safety net, according to a new report from the Obama White House.

Eggnog Is Delicious And If You Disagree You're Wrong

It is tasty and good and deserves our protection.

US Guest Worker Program Risks Human Trafficking, Says UN Official

A United Nations envoy said visa programs for short-term unskilled labor are of “of particular concern.”

16 Tatuajes de espalda que te enamorarán

Todos los rincones de tu cuerpo merecen un lindo tatuaje.

Esto es lo que sabemos sobre la explosión en Tultepec

Reportan más de 70 heridos y al menos nueve personas muertas en una tragedia que parece cada vez más ~normal~.

37 Incredibly Unique Books To Buy Everyone On Your List

Books make the best-last minute gift. Actually, books make the best ANY-minute gift.

ISIS Terror Plans For Germany Are Crude But Deadly

ISIS appears to lack networks in Germany to mount sophisticated attacks and has spent months inciting sympathizers to attack with knives and trucks — anything they have.

Este post de Facebook muestra cuán ridículas son las tallas de ropa femenina

La ropa de mujer está sentada sobre un trono de mentiras.

Education Civil Rights Advocates Fear "Horror Show" Under Trump

The Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights is bracing for change under the president-elect, who's previously talked about cutting the office. Many conservatives believe the agency has gone too far in pushing a progressive federal agenda on local community schools

22 Tweets About TV That Will Make You Say "Oh, 2016"

"A simple tweet to say everything in 'Westworld' and 'Black Mirror' is literally going to happen and we’re hurtling towards our inevitable doom."

Lamar Odom's Next Project Isn't A Reality Show, But It Will Be For TV

The former NBA star is returning to television, but contrary to published reports, it won't be for a reality show, a source confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

Minnesota Police Will Not Reopen Football Team Gang Rape Investigation

A University of Minnesota probe interviewed far more witnesses than the police did, and concluded some of the accused football players tried to conceal evidence.

Be Honest, Would You Choose Wisdom Or Wealth?

If you had to choose, which would it be?

Trials Begin For New Injectable Drug To Prevent HIV

The drug, called cabotegravir, would require only one injection every two months, as opposed to the once-a-day pill Truvada.

Here's What People Are Excited About In Culture For 2017

Michelle Yeoh, Beyoncé, Wonder Woman, the Magnetic Fields, G.L.O.W., and a whole lot more. Mark your calendars.

10 Things Americans Are Doing Wrong (According To Brazilians)

Except maybe the toilet paper one. Let's not do that one.

L'Oreal Rejects Complaints From 2,500 Women Saying Its Hair Relaxers Caused Bald Spots

A law firm representing 2,500 women who claim to have been injured by L’Oréal's SoftSheen Carson relaxers are demanding an "urgent product recall."

Taylor Swift's 2006 Myspace Bio Is Proof She Hasn't Changed Since 2006

She is basically exactly the same (minus the whole "trucks are works of art" thing maybe?)

Are You More Iris Or Amanda From "The Holiday"?

"You're supposed to be the leading lady in your own life, for god's sake!"

The US And Canada Ban Oil Drilling In Vast Swaths Of Arctic And Atlantic Oceans

President Obama and Canada's Justin Trudeau banned offshore oil leases across large parts of the Arctic and Atlantic oceans. The US added a long stretch of Atlantic coastline as off-limits as well.

This Is What Your Body's Trying To Tell You

Nothing worse than cottage cheese tongue.

16 Times Santa Claus Was A Major Buzzkill

Thanks for NOTHING, Santa.

Here's What We Know About The Polish Man Killed In The Berlin Truck Attack

The bus company's owner said a 37-year-old Polish truck driver had a swollen, bloodied face and was found shot and stabbed in the truck's passenger seat.

Literalmente, solo 28 fotos de perros usando suéteres de Navidad

Basta de malas noticias, veamos perritos con espíritu navideño.

28 Times Gabrielle Union Was The Best Celebrity On Social Media

How does she manage to be gorgeous and down to earth at the same damn time?

35 Things All Early-’00s Teen Girls Desperately Wanted For Christmas

It was a simpler time, when all you wanted was a monogram Coach purse with the matching sneakers.

28 Simple Ways To Improve Your Home In 2017

Finally put those Pinterest boards to good use. The products in this post were updated in April 2018.

Slow Cooker Eggnog Four Ways

Spice up your Eggnog game with these recipes.

Getting Twitter Handle Information

Without copying and pasting (pssst! You can get them from the API).

オスプレイの事故率は平均以下ではなかった 上昇を把握していた防衛省、新しい数字は開示せず


How Many Of These Ben & Jerry's Flavors Have You Tried?

Have you tried Everything But The...



27 Awkward Gym Situations Literally Everyone Has Been In

Can you hold up a sec.? I need to wipe up this butt sweat.

Which Florida Attraction Should You Visit?

You know there's more than Disney and beaches in Florida, right?

Turkey Is Trying To Connect The Ankara Assassination To A US-Based Cleric

The body of Ambassador Andrey Karlov arrived in Moscow on Tuesday, a day after he was shot dead by a gunman in a Turkish art gallery. Turkish authorities do not believe he acted alone.

21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Pomegranate toothpaste, science kits for magicians, Daria on DVD, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

What 2016 Hit Song Are You?

Are you more "Starboy" or "Formation"?

Vereadores de SP aumentam em 26% seus próprios salários

Vencimentos vão para R$ 18.991 a partir de janeiro. Já o funcionalismo teve reajuste de 0,01%.

Oprah's Ponytail And FLOTUS' Middle Part Were The Best Things On TV Last Night

Their edges looked like they were laid by God himself!

10 Times Asian-Americans Fired Back Over Representation In 2016

An abridged recap of the fight for better Asian-American representation in 2016

21 Times Everyone On Tumblr Was Like, "WTF America?"

"COLD TEA??? America WHAT are you DOING???"

Experimentamos as chocofritas do Burger King

Seu cérebro não consegue decidir se você está comendo algo doce ou salgado.

This Woman Is Showing What It's Actually Like To Travel While Fat

Stacy Bias's Flying While Fat exposes the truth about how we treat our fellow passengers.

Esta es la maravillosa historia de por qué damos regalos en Navidad

¿Qué tienen que ver Saturno, un obispo griego y el Imperio Romano?

19 Creative Christmas Cookie Ideas That Are Actually Easy

Be the baker you always wanted to be!

Can We Tell The Difference Between Kylie And ColourPop

"We kind of sound more like the Kardashians now."

Dozens Of Obama’s Judicial Nominees, Including Historic Picks, Won’t Make It Onto The Bench

Fifty-two of President Obama’s judicial nominees didn’t get a vote in the Senate. They include lawyers and judges who would have added new diversity to the federal bench.

13 Christmas Traditions From Around The World That'll Make You Say "Huh?"

Pink underwear, spiderwebs, and fried chicken.

HIV Conviction Of "Tiger Mandingo" Has Been Thrown Out

Michael Johnson was sentenced to 30 years for "recklessly" infecting a sexual partner with HIV. Now, an appeals court has ordered a new trial because prosecutors deliberately withheld evidence from Johnson's attorneys "to gain a strategic advantage." Update: This post has been expanded to include more information from the court's ruling as well as context about Johnson's case and the nation's HIV laws.

These Are All The Accounts Donald Trump Retweeted During The Campaign

BuzzFeed News analyzed all the accounts Donald Trump retweeted during his presidential campaign. What we found are clues as to whom the president-elect views as a fitting surrogate.

Which Type Of BuzzFeed Quiz Are You?

A personality quiz about personality quizzes...

Cinnamon Roll Wreath

Bring you friends and family together with this delightful edible wreath.

Scottish Twitter Reacts To The Clusterfuck That Was 2016

"Trump is a fanny who canny deal wi a sims family never mind his own country."

This Amazing Dog Bed Will Make Your Pet So Fucking Happy

The "Big Barker" is probably nicer than *your* bed, tbh.

These 5-Ingredient Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Are A Healthy But Indulgent Treat

Because what's better than chocolate and peanut butter?

Online Charter Schools Prepare For A Trump-Era Boom

The controversial industry has an "overwhelming negative impact" on students according to one report, but investors expect big things ahead.

Environmental Donations Are Up Thanks To Trump

Green groups have found a silver lining in Donald Trump’s election win — more members and more money.

Les différences entre les États-Unis et la France pour Noël

Les États-Unis voient les choses en grand(iose) mais on s'en sort pas mal non plus.

Four More Former Officials Charged In Fallout From The Flint Water Crisis

The officials were charged with felonies Tuesday, bringing the total number of state and local officials charged to 13.

21 Inexpensive Gifts To Get At The Last Minute

Gorgeous gifts you still have time to get!

15 Borderline Genius Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Tiny Space

(P.S. It's ok if you didn't deck the halls on Dec. 1.)

32 Gifts That Are Prettier Than You Are

All that sparkles...under the tree.

The Chinese Response To Trump Tweeting About China Is Lit AF

It's a sharp turn from before the election when Trump was the preferred US candidate.

Do You Actually Have Shitty Taste In Jewellery?

Silver or gold? It's time to choose.

Esto es todo lo que sabemos sobre 'Ingobernable', la nueva serie de Netflix

Kate del Castillo será la primera dama de México.

2016 Was The Warmest Year, But This Is How Deniers Will Spin It

When opponents of the scientific consensus on climate tell you that global temperatures are plummeting, this is how they are cherry-picking the data.

17 Great Things About Going Home To Wales For Christmas

The "Croeso i Gymru" sign is welcoming you home.

30 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts You Can Still Get On Amazon

Books, toys, accessories, home decor, and other wonderful gifts you still have time to order.

Fim do casal Jout Jout e Caio é mais um para a conta de 2016

Mas parece que tá tudo bem com os dois.

Fin du 49.3: les volte-face spectaculaires de Valls, Vallaud-Belkacem et El Khomri

Ils l'ont beaucoup utilisé mais maintenant ils n'en veulent plus.

22 Times Ryan Gosling Made Me Horny In 2016

This is not going to end well.

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Rifle Paper Co., Sephora, Aldo, and more!

16 Cosas realmente aterradoras que ocurrieron en 2016

"Me susurró, 'No estamos solos en esta casa'".

After Botched Execution, Arizona Agrees To Never Use A Controversial Sedative Again

The state has agreed to stop using midazolam, a drug similar to valium that was linked to several botched executions in recent years. Without the drug, the state has few options on how to go forward with lethal injections.

Life Before & After Smartphones

How did we get anything done before smartphones?

The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2016

In a year like 2016, this list might almost restore your faith in the internet...almost... WARNING: This post is obviously NSFW.

14 Datos sobre la comida que te dejarán totalmente confundido

Los diferentes colores de los Froot Loops tienen todos el mismo sabor. EL MISMO.

32 Female Creators Who Made Great TV In 2016

We're at peak TV, but instances of women creating their own shows are still rare. For women of color, it's even rarer. So let's celebrate those who did the damn thing.

Los 12 memes que más relevancia tuvieron en 2016, por meses

Si lloras por la situación en España, las lágrimas no te dejarán ver los memes.

Wir haben Leute in Berlin gefragt, welche Botschaft sie nach dem Anschlag mit der Welt teilen wollen

Am 19. Dezember ist am Berliner Breitscheidplatz ein Lkw in eine Menschenmenge gerast und hat mehrere Menschen getötet und noch mehr verletzt.

15 Regalos que puedes hacer en casa y te costarán $0

Ojo: no son portarretratos de sopa de coditos, sí están chidos.

You Guys, Eggnog Is Absolute Garbage

Why does it look like that?!

10 regalos geniales que puedes hacer si no tienes un duro

O si lo que tienes es un poco de cara dura.

10 Celebs Killin’ The Elf On The Shelf Game

These celebs are taking it to a new level.

Here's The Best Way To Express Your Feelings About This Stupid Year

This NYE, wear the one thing we can all agree on: Fuck 2016

Here's The Warrant The FBI Used In The Clinton Email Investigation

The warrant gives a closer look at the FBI's rationale for reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails days before the 2016 presidential election.

13 Ways To Actually Feel Better In 2017

Because #bodygoals aren't the only goals.

23 photos qui prouvent qu'on est dans le futur

Vous pouvez voler avec un réacteur dorsal.

Foi dada a largada para a reprodução de "bebês com três pais"

O Reino Unido concedeu uma licença para a doação mitocondrial, e os primeiros bebês gerados a partir da técnica podem nascer já em 2017.

21 Photos That Will Turn On All Brits At Christmas

If Peter Andre or Coleen Nolan aren't trying to sell you an Iceland platter, is it really Christmas?

How Did You Actually Lose Weight In 2016?

Describe your road to weight loss and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

33 Facts We Didn't Know At The Start Of 2016

Good news for Einstein, bad news for anyone who likes red squirrels.

People Are Angry At This Christmas Advert For Shaming Working Moms

"How did you decide that working mother is a bad mother?"

Attentat de Berlin: la grosse boulette de la Sécurité routière

Ce n’était pas une bonne idée d’accoler le drapeau allemand au slogan «Sécurité routière: tous responsables» au lendemain de la chevauchée mortifère du camion de Berlin.

Family Of Man Left Minimally Conscious After Car Accident Win Right To End His Life

Police officer Paul Briggs will be allowed to die after a court battle between his family and the NHS.

Antes de morrer, mulher foi recusada 123 vezes em UTIs de São Paulo

Por 37 dias, a costureira aposentada Maria Lucia Machado, 62, aguardou um leito de UTI. Juíza mandou que ela fosse internada em 1º de dezembro. Tarde demais: a aposentada morrera na véspera.

19 Hilarious Tweets That Prove Families Were So Damn Funny In 2016

2016 was a great year for funny family members.

19 Tweets That Totally Sum Up Parenting In 2016

"Before I had kids, I didn't even know it was possible to destroy an entire house with a granola bar."

Everything You Need To Know About Nicola Sturgeon's Brexit Plan

The first minister wants to keep Scotland inside the single market even if the rest of the UK leaves, and warned another independence referendum is still "highly likely".

27 fois où le Père Noël était vraiment flippant

Ces pères Noël vont hanter vos nuits pendant toute l'année.

Aeropostale, PacSun, Disney, And Others End On-Call Scheduling

Six big retailers have agreed to halt the controversial practice in stores nationwide after a multi-state investigation by authorities.

23 Tumblr-Posts über Hunde, die Du nicht ansehen kannst, ohne zu lächeln

"Als ich mit meinem Freund beim Eisfischen war, riss sein Hund aus dem Haus aus und besorgte sich einen Job."

These Two Ingredients Will Make Your Cookie Sheets Look Like New

They're so clean you could eat off them.

Isso é o que sabemos sobre a matança em Berlim e o atentado na Turquia

No caso do atentado que matou o embaixador russo, Vladimir Putin disse que é preciso saber "quem controlava a mão do assassino".

14 Times Indian Ads Were The Absolute Worst In 2016

Why did we have to bring back the Airtel girl, tho?

It's Been Two Years Since AIB's Controversial Roast: Enjoy These 15 WILD Jokes From It

On this day in 2014, the Indian comedy scene changed forever.

19 TV Shows To Binge Before 2017

Just a bunch of gems you can legally stream.

Over 100 Democratic Lawmakers Sent Trump A Letter Demanding Federal Funding For Abortions

The members of Congress want Trump to eliminate a law, reenacted yearly, called the Hyde Amendment.

17 Jokes About Chokers That Have Gone Way Too Far

"The ankle chokers are a must-have."

How Popular Are Your Christmas Tradition Opinions?

When is it OK to put the tree up, open your presents, and eat your Christmas dinner? And, most importantly, is Die Hard a Christmas film?

17 Ways 2016 Was A Massive "Fuck You" To Indian Beauty Standards

Hey, tired ideals of beauty, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Apple Is Talking To The Indian Government About Manufacturing Locally: Report

Ninety-seven percent of India's smartphones are Android — something Apple's desperately trying to change.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

German police arrested one suspect after a truck crashed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least 12 people. Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was shot dead by a gunman screaming about the Syrian crisis. And it’s official: The Electoral College has elected Donald Trump to be the next US president.

Here's How This Chilling Photo Of The Russian Ambassador's Murder Was Taken

“People screamed, hid behind columns and under tables and lay on the floor. I composed myself enough to shoot pictures," Burhan Ozbilici told the Associated Press. WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

Ces élèves ont fait une haie d’honneur pour remercier leur prof

«C’était un moment magique, c’est énorme», raconte ce prof de sport à BuzzFeed News.

Personne ne croit ce sénateur qui a tweeté la photo d'un pénis

Joël Guerriau, sénateur de la Loire a décidé de porter plainte après cet «acte de malveillance». Selon sa collaboratrice contactée par BuzzFeed News, un membre de l'entourage du sénateur a piraté le compte.

22 Jokes You Probably Shouldn't Laugh At But Definitely Will

"Having a crush on someone is so exciting. You know you'll end up ruining things like you always do, but how? The possibilities are endless."

6 choses à savoir pour repérer les faux articles de presse sur internet

Assurez-vous par exemple que les citations de personnes célèbres soient bien réelles et que les photos aient bien un rapport avec ce que vous lisez.

Nigel Farage Has Accused Jo Cox's Widower Of Supporting Extremism

Brendan Cox warned the former UKIP leader against "blaming politicians for the actions of extremists" – prompting a response from Farage that is now subject to legal action.

A Photographer Has Re-Created The Last Meals Of Prisoners Executed In 2016

Photographer Henry Hargreaves continued his popular series No Seconds for a new collection entitled A Year of Killing to highlight how many prisoners are killed annually in the US.

Karun Nair's Parents Could Not Stop Gushing With Pride After He Made History

The congratulations of a nation cannot compare to that glimmer of pride in a parent's eyes.

It's Not Even Been A Day And People Have Found Kareena Kapoor's Son A Wife

They've already started the shaadi pressure smdh.

Êtes-vous vraiment la plus horrible des sœurs?

*cache rapidement le t-shirt de sa sœur sous son lit*

The Most Stunning And Creative Photos Of Dancers From 2016

Celebrating movement and the human form.

Berlin Christmas Market Attacker Radicalized In Italian Prison, Officials Say

German authorities have released a 40-year-old Tunisian man after determining he was not linked to Anis Amri, the driver of the truck that plowed into a Christmas market in Berlin.



20 Of The Best Dressed Celebrities At The Stardust Awards 2016

Here's to all the dramatic style statements.

Un compte soutien de Fillon profite de Berlin pour promouvoir son livre

@AllezFillon a ensuite effacé le tweet. «C'est un compte non-officiel, ce n’est donc pas un candidat qui se fait de la pub», a commenté un porte-parole de François Fillon

Mit diesen 6 simplen Schritten kannst du Fake News ganz einfach enttarnen

Luft holen und keine vorschnellen Schlüsse ziehen war noch nie der falsche Ansatz.

The “Jagga Jasoos” Trailer Is Fun To Watch Regardless Of How Little It Gives Away

It looks like a mashup of Barfi and The Adventures of Tintin.

29 Photos That Sum Up How Ridiculous Australian Politics Was In 2016

There's never been a more exciting time... to drain the swamp.

34 Things You Never Knew About Famous Christmas Movies

Disney had to break their no ex-con policy to hire Tim Allen for The Santa Clause.

It Looks Like Margot Robbie Just Got Married And People Are Freaking Out

According to reports, she tied the knot in Australia.

12 Things That Will Make That Sydney To Byron Drive So Much Better

You don't have to smash out the eight-hour drive in the one day, you know.

23 Things You'll Understand If You're Just Not Interested In Babies

Hi, can you please take your crying child back?

Here's How A Texting Bot Could Help Your Christmas, Explained With Stock Images

Here's how it might work... explained with stock images.

Which Buddy The Elf Quote Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

"I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite."



Can We Guess How Old You'll Be Turning In 2017?

Friendly reminder that we're all getting older.

Officials Now Believe Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Is Not In The Search Area

Australian officials said missing Flight MH370 is almost certainly not in the area of the Indian Ocean that crews have spent two years searching.

Los Angeles To Help Pay Legal Fees For Immigrants Facing Deportation

Los Angeles joins what could be a growing list of cities offering legal aid to its undocumented immigrant community under threat of a Donald Trump-inspired crackdown.

障害者は“笑い”でしか描けないのか? 注目のNHK障害者バラエティ 義足の女優の問いかけ


Newsweek Reporter Claims Anonymous Twitter User Intentionally Triggered A Seizure

After a court order, Twitter has reportedly agreed to turn over information to Kurt Eichenwald, who has epilepsy, that will help reveal the identity of the tweeter.

Twitter Tests Breaking News Push Notifications

The company has pushed news updates on the Berlin Christmas market crash and Fidel Castro's death, with more possibly on the way.

24 Songs That Will Make You Flashback To Grinding In 2008

Find some love in this club (but only if you're wearing Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur.)

4 Famous Sandwiches from 4 Cities

Pick your favorite!

Should Trump Protect Manufacturing Jobs From Automation? We Asked His Supporters

“It’s more important to keep jobs in the US than to protect them from automation.”



The Year Abortion Was Destigmatized On TV

Four series in 2016 had consequence-free, even comedic abortion storylines.

Uncertainty Over Brexit Is "Corroding" British Science, Says House Of Lords

In a new report, peers said the government was not doing enough to reassure EU scientists that they have a future in the UK, and that could hurt the economy.

How Trash Are Your French Fry Opinions?

The hardest fried decisions you'll ever have to make.

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