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22 Reasons Why Diego Luna Should Be Your Latest Crush

Cassian Andor, my heart.

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Maybe you saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story over the weekend.

And maybe you were like, "Why hello there, Cassian Andor."

I'm here to tell you that you're not alone.

Please settle in and have a seat while we go over all the reasons Diego Luna should be your #1 crush.

Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

1. First of all, because Diego Luna is a stone-cold fox.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

2. He's the focus of every frame. The apple of your eye.

Loic Venance / AFP / Getty Images

3. Can we talk about Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights?

4. No words are necessary here.

5. Just look at the way one single strand of hair evades this sweatband.

Omar Torres / AFP / Getty Images

6. And the way he uses his hands to convey stories is downright adorable.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, MTV /, TBS /

7. His gaze is unwavering.

Philip Cheung / Getty Images

8. He can be very James Bond.

9. How about when he broke Katy Perry's heart in her video for "The One That Got Away"?

10. He even looks hot as an 18th-century playboy in Amazon's Casanova.

11. He was selected as one of People En Espanol's 25 Most Beautiful celebrities, not that we needed any reminding.

Myrna Suarez / Getty Images

12. He's so fine in photo shoots that he's literally ~steamy~.

13. And how cute was he in Y Tu Mamá También?

Anhelo Producciones

14. *watches GIFs of Diego and Gael García Bernal making out on repeat*

15. And speaking of, here he is with his lifelong friend (and another bae we like to swoon over) Gael García Bernal.

Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

16. Here they are with Will Ferrell.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

17. And here they are in suits. #BLESSED.

Hector Mata / AFP / Getty Images

18. How about his undying love for Jabba The Hutt?

19. Just look at how much his castmates love him.

20. In conclusion, Diego Luna is totally crushworthy.

Clemens Bilan / Getty Images

21. And now you know.

Afp / AFP / Getty Images

22. Bye!

Alberto Pizzoli / AFP / Getty Images

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