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28 Times Gabrielle Union Was The Best Celebrity On Social Media

How does she manage to be gorgeous and down to earth at the same damn time?

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1. When she said what we were all thinking when her hubby's cover for ESPN's annual body issue debuted.

2. When she got this excited about her weave.

Instagram: @gabunion

3. When she called the internet out with this massive truth.

4. When she was able to take our joke and run with it.

5. When she forced everyone to think like a feminist for a moment.

6. When she pointed out the hypocrisy of all lives matter.

7. Every time she makes characters out of Snapchat filters like Delusional Debbie...

Instagram: @gabunion

8. ... or the typical black auntie.

Instagram: @gabunion

9. When she reminded a fan that she goes through life's ups and downs like the rest of us.

10. When she made this relatable video about going out.

Instagram: @gabunion

11. Every time she shared great black Twitter tweets.

12. Every time she shows us Dwayne takes longer to get ready than she does.

Instagram: @gabunion

13. When her gross ways creep through.

14. Like, really gross ways.

15. When she turned this insult into a joke.

16. When she made this Insecure reference.

17. When she reminded everyone Dwayne isn't the only one in the marriage that can ball.

Instagram: @gabunion

18. When she shipped Zendaya and Odell Beckham Jr. like the rest of us.

19. When she came up with this brilliant idea.

20. When she gave you the perfect word to describe how you've been feeling all year.

21. When she responded to a fan's creepy love declaration like this.

22. When her and Dwayne brought in their anniversary singing Hamilton.

Instagram: @gabunion

23. When she set the record straight using "I'm not that chick."

24. When she schooled the fuck out of this troll.

25. When she fired off this relatable tweet about going vegan.

26. Every time she reminded you she's been slaying hallway walks since Bring It On.

Instagram: @gabunion

27. And every time us that she's still only human like the rest of us.

Instagram: @gabunion

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