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21 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Pomegranate toothpaste, science kits for magicians, Daria on DVD, and 18 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

Psst! Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:

1. Toothpaste that is great for sensitive teeth and anyone who hates the overpowering smell of mint.

Promising Review: "I was pleasantly surprised when I received this item and used it for the first time. It does have a slight minty taste, but it is nowhere near as strong as most other toothpastes on the market. This leaves your teeth feeling very clean after you use it and, while there is a slight minty taste to it, it does not last for long. It just leaves your mouth feeling clean. You can actually drink a cup of coffee or a glass of orange juice shortly after brushing your teeth without the toothpaste killing the taste of everything." —Outta Control

Price: $5.99

2. A Reiki Chakra necklace that comes in 43 different colors for ultimate ~spiritual~ power.,

Promising Review: "Just received this today and I love it. I honestly thought It was going to be cheaply made but it looks very well made! The leather necklace is nice and has a cool kind of clip on it — that way it doesn't come off so easily. It has also amplified my energy, mental focus, and I feel extremely confident, which means the crystal is working so far. If you believe in that sort of thing, anyways." —Teri

Price: $7.99

3. A mud mask that will leave you feeling like you just had an expensive spa treatment.

Promising Review: "This is a really nice mud mask — I love the ingredients list because it's as natural as you can get! I have clear skin except for once a month and this really helps with that. This mask sucks the impurities out of your skin like a boss! I follow with a witch hazel toner and moisturizer and BAM, no acne around my period." —YG

Price: $14.45

4. A WiFi plug that is perfect for when you've just climbed into bed and can't be bothered to turn off the lamp.

Promising Review: "This pairs wonderfully with the Amazon Echo! Setup takes just a few minutes and if you download the Kasa app, it will walk you through the entire setup. We use the plug for some of our lights that aren't easy to turn on and off, and it's very convenient. So we just have to say, 'Alexa, turn on lights' and all the lights turn on in our living room. You can also easily set up schedules and vacation mode on the Kasa app." —Jamie R

Price: $29.99

5. A science kit for wizards, AKA a total WINgardium leviosa.

Promising Review: "My daughter and I are writing this together — she insisted on rating this with five stars because 'it is awesome!' After doing the experiments in this box, she wants to turn her whole playroom into a science lab — actually, that is why we're online right now. We're getting more science gear since she enjoyed this one so very much. Anything that gets a seven-year-old kid this excited about chemistry is, in her words, awesome. She wants everyone reading this to know she just did a really cool experiment." —D. Rediker

Price: $15.30

6. A makeup brush set that will have you blending like a pro in no time. *takes selfie*

Promising Review: "These brushes are AWESOME. They are comparable to Sigma brushes and are infinitely cheaper. You don't get what you pay for at all — these are so high-quality, it aches! And DON'T get me started on the density. Or, do. The brushes were absolutely perfect in terms of density. The brushes that needed to be perfectly compact were compact, and the brushes that needed to be a bit fluffier for blending were fluffier." —Dawn

Price: $15.99

7. Chupa Chups lollipops for anyone who wants to go back to the easier days of childhood, far away from 2016.

Promising Review: "I remember these from when I was, like, five-years-old and my family would go on long car rides. We kept a container of these in the car. It's so crazy, but the minute I took the wrapper off one of the strawberry lollipops, I remembered the smell and taste and all the good times in that car. Though it was 11 years ago, these are still the same great lollipops I remember. Shipping was good and I had no problems with anything; the package was in great condition upon arrival, and my family and I haven't found anything wrong at all with the lollipops themselves." —Julia

Price: $8.99

8. A beautifully illustrated book about women who have contributed to the field of science.

Promising Review: "Beautiful book, perfect illustrations, and such a mind opener. This is a great book to have if you are a woman in science (*raises hand*), know a woman in science, or just appreciate knowing who did what and where in the world. My favorite story is the one with the replica plating invention by Esther Lederberg. This book is an inspiration to all. If you are thinking about getting it, just get it!" —Nadia H

Price: $10.21

9. A bluetooth color-changing alarm clock that may turn you into a morning person. Maybe. Perhaps.

Promising Review: "I've never been in love with a digital alarm clock before but this thing is so freaking cool. The amount of features that are packed into this device make it well worth the cost. The color-changing mode is soothing, I definitely dig the programable radio station feature, and the speaker phone feature is amazing. The position of the aux port keeps the power cord out of sight when its on your nightstand, so it looks just like it does in the picture. It also has great color combinations — the designers really got it right this time. If you're on the fence about this one, take the plunge." —Digital_Element

Price: $59.95

10. Tabbed socks that will not slip off your foot. I repeat, that will ~not~ slip off your foot.

Promising Review: "These socks were woven with a magical blend of kitten fur, baby behinds, fluffy clouds, down pillows, and cotton candy. I've tried those 'other' socks that the big shoe companies and their evil marketers try to sell to you. These are not those. Oh no. These are something far more special. Stephen Hawking once wrote that string theory is based on the idea that the universe is a large Balega Hidden Contour sock, and each string within that sock makes up the fabric of the Universe. I, for one, am apt to believe him, and you should too." —sapient

Price: $8.50

11. A silk pillowcase that will prevent morning bedhead.

Promising Review: "I kept on reading everywhere that the celebrity secret to better hair and skin was sleeping on a silk pillow. I gave it a try and it works — my hair is not frizzy, and my skin is more moisturized. This product worked for me and I will be buying more in the near future!" —Nataliya Tsyupka

Price: $19.99

12. A game of Trivial Pursuit for anyone who needs to let off some steam after taking their O.W.L.s.

Promising Review: "I bought this because my nieces are OBSESSED with Harry Potter. (We won't discuss my own obsession.) This game was so much fun. I took it on our vacation, and we spent hours reading questions and yelling out the answers. We all had a ball." —Theresa

Price: $16.99

13. Coasters with a serious message because that table is new, dammit!

Promising Review: "The quality of these is really nice in person — it even makes the wording seem classy! I can't wait to give these to my mom; she drives everyone nuts about keeping a coaster under their glasses." —Shawne

Price: $24.99

14. A light-up globe that lets you say "it's a small world after all." Or, you know, that you have the whole world in your hands.

Promising Review: "This globe is so beautiful that the pictures don't do it justice. I am finishing my master's degree and took this to class one night when I was giving a presentation. Everyone loved it. The globe is up to date, the elevation is well done, and it is amazingly beautiful when illuminated. This is one of my best buys on Amazon ever!" —Jan M

Price: $49.98

15. A voice changer for the person trapped in 2004 who still loves prank calling everyone.

Promising Review: "Got these for my grandkids. They have been having a blast with them but OMG — this has to be one of those gifts that stay at the OTHER grandma's house." —RevLinda48

Price: $13.39

16. A mug set that will make your heart grow about three sizes because that's how cute it is.

Promising Review: "I got these as a gift for a couple who love playing Minecraft together. The mugs feel like very good quality (I like mugs to be slightly thicker). The images are very cute, and the price seems very reasonable considering the quality and creativity they have." —Amazon Customer

Price: $12.99

17. A Twinings sample set for tea lovers and Kermit fans alike.

*sips tea*

Promising Review: "This is a great way to find a bunch of new teas to like/love. If you're tired of overpaying and getting a dud, why not try a mix of 40. I didn't even know I'd like mint teas, but now I do. Yes, there are ones I didn't like and ones that I forgot, but I also found some new favorites that I can buy in bulk or pick up in a store. Overall, it was a nice experience." —D.Richmond

Price: $17.09

18. A card game that (fair warning) may give you a stomach ache, that's how hard you'll be laughing.

Promising Review: "I backed the kickstarter for this and just got my copy earlier this week. I had to wait until the weekend to get enough people to play (there's a minimum of three players required), but it was worth it! This game exceeded my expectations. The group I played with was laughing so hard we were crying! It's raunchy, irreverent, and just freaking awesome — I will be getting all the expansions for this game as Cyanide & Happiness releases them!" —Tami D.

Price: $25

19. Comfy sneakers your feet will thank you for.

Promising Review: "Exactly what I wanted and was expecting — comfortable and stylish enough to wear while touring London! I will probably be purchasing another pair in a different color." —Amazon Customer

Price: $29.99

20. A fun activity pad that encourages cognitive skills in young children.

Promising Review: "Another great product from Melissa & Doug! I purchased this for my three-year-old daughter as one of her birthday presents. She had minimal experience with scissors before this, and I think this is a great and safe way for her to practice. I would highly recommend this kit for younger children." —Tanya Grasl

Price: $4.99

21. And Daria on DVD for anyone who hates everyone.

Promising Review: "This is the cartoon version of me. Love her." —ADDY

Price: $14.99

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