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37 Incredibly Unique Books To Buy Everyone On Your List

Books make the best-last minute gift. Actually, books make the best ANY-minute gift.

1. It's a Punderful Life, for the punniest person you know.

2. The Short Stack Cookbook, for people who have very passionate feelings about butter, bacon, brussels sprouts, and other ingredients that don't begin with the letter B.

3. The Nest, for children (and adults) who like their books to be eerie rather than cute.

4. Hot Dog Taste Test, for someone who *loves* food, but doesn't take it overly seriously.

5. The Terrible Two, for pranksters young and old.

6. The 50 States, for pint-sized travelers.

7. Unabrow, for late bloomers.

8. An Illustrated Guide to Cocktails, for aspiring mixologists.

9. Nothing Like a Dame, for your friend who spends most of his paycheck on tickets to shows.

10. Ghostly, for anyone in the mood for a few goosebumps.

11. What to Bake & How to Bake It, for wannabe bakers.

12. The Penguin Book of Victorian Women in Crime, for the most-skilled Google sleuth you know.

13. Raising Demons, for parents of young children.

14. The Riverman, for storytellers.

15. Arcadian Nights, for anyone whose favorite high school reading assignment was The Odyssey.

16. Bright-Eyed at Midnight, for diary-keepers and insomniacs.

17. Taste, for people who appreciate graphic design as much as they appreciate *cake* design.

18. Let's Kill Uncle, for people who love Wes Anderson movies.

19. Golden Girls Forever, for anyone you want to thank for being a friend.

20. Letters of Note, for your sister who prefers ink instead of email.

21. The Drunken Botanist, for gardeners who enjoy a nice cocktail after a few hours weeding.

22. Nanotecture, for anyone who has a Pinterest board filled only with tiny houses.

23. We Found A Hat, for your best friend.

24. Feeding Hannibal, for your uncle who still can't believe they cancelled the show.

25. Other-Wordly, for word nerds.

26. Labyrinth: The Ultimate Visual History, for Goblin Kings and Queens.

27. Pink is For Blobfish, for anyone who thinks pink is the best color.

28. Modern Folk Embroidery, for stitchers.

29. Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space, for star gazers.

30. Breeds, for anyone who's always covered in dog hair.

31. The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia, for the Lumpy Space Princess in your life.

32. Ladies Drawing Night, for artists.

33. Deep Dark Fears, for people who believe in facing theirs (or at least reading about them).

34. The Where, the Why, and the How, for the curious.

35. Jane Austen Cover to Cover, for Janeites.

36. The Donut Chef, for anyone who could polish off a baker's dozen in one sitting.

37. The Art of Clean Up, for perfectionists.

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