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This Amazing Dog Bed Will Make Your Pet So Fucking Happy

The "Big Barker" is probably nicer than *your* bed, tbh.

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This bed may not look like much, but to a dog? It's heaven.

It's called the "Big Barker" and it's a ridiculously comfortable sleep spot for canines...

"Don't disturb my slumber."

...and humans?

"Get off my bed, sir." - unseen dog

The cozy foam bed is orthopedic, machine-washable, made in the USA, guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, and has over 1,900 positive reviews on Amazon written by the owners of ecstatic pups.

Like this one.

And this one.

I'm really not joking about the ecstatic review thing.

The original "Big Barker" beds come in three different colors (khaki, burgundy, and chocolate)...

This pup is lounging on the khaki model.

...and large, extra large, and giant sizes.

They should probably have sprung for the "Giant" sized bed, tbh.

But they also started manufacturing the Mini (for the small dogs of the world).

Think your pooch isn't a fan of headrests? Simply get the ~sleek~ model.

While its $239 price tag isn't exactly cheap, isn't it worth it for happiness like this?

I mean, have you ever seen a pair enjoying a more satisfying slumber?

It even promotes inter-species harmony.

If you want to treat your pooch to some quality shuteye, get one here.


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