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You Gotta See This Single Dad's Christmas Hairstyles For His Daughter

Luckiest 4-year-old girl ever!

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Wickherst told BuzzFeed he celebrated the holiday season at Izzy's school by giving her extravagant hairstyles, like this adorable Christmas tree complete with presents.

Greg Wickherst

He said the longest part was the prepping with the props, which took about an hour, and doing the actual hairstyle only took about 20 minutes. Wickherst added that the Christmas tree was his favorite because it inspired him to do more holiday styles.


Wickherst said doing Izzy’s hair means much more than just the cute, fancy styles.

Greg Wickherst

He said, “We are listening to Christmas music, we are drinking hot chocolate, we are singing songs. I really try to make this into a fun bonding experience for us.”

And Wickherst makes sure his daughter's hair looks good year-round, not just at Christmas.

Greg Wickherst

Wickherst told BuzzFeed that it was something he thought he could never do. He said, “I just tried it a couple times before I was able to do it. Once I got it down, that gave me a huge boost of confidence.”