110 Last-Minute Costume Ideas That Are Boo-Tifully Easy

    It sneaks up on you, doesn't it?

    Buckle up, my bad witches, because Halloween is almost here, and a lot of you probably still don't have a costume.

    1. The four seasons:

    four girls dressed as each of the seasons, fall, winter, summer, and spring

    2. Boo from Monsters, Inc.:

    girl with big eyes on her head

    3. French Kiss:

    four people wearing striped shirts holding wine and bread

    4. Cards Against Humanity:

    two people dressed as the game "Cards Against Humanity"

    5. Spaghetti and meatballs:

    person wearing a strainer and fake pasta on their head

    6. Contestants on Naked and Afraid:

    two people pretending to be naked

    7. A loofah:

    8. Belle and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast:

    guy in a red shirt and girl in a blue dress with an apron

    9. An old lady with her Life Alert button:

    one girl dressed as an old lady and one girl dressed as a "Life Alert" button

    10. Darla from Finding Nemo:

    girl wearing headgear holding a fish

    11. Megan from Bridesmaids:

    person in crocs and a blue button down shirt

    12. Guy Fieri:

    person wearing a shirt with flames on it

    13. A DIY box of wine:

    three girls dressed as boxes of wine

    14. A "Minnie" bar:

    girl dressed as Minnie Mouse with alcoholic nips

    15. Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove:

    girl in a red robe and yellow headpiece

    16. Got a tie-dyed shirt? Congrats, you're the Jerry Garcia Beanie Baby:

    guy in a tie dye shirt

    17. Britney Spears from the "Baby One More Time" video:

    girl in a sweater and black skirt and button down shirt

    18. Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers:

    girl in a blue shirt with glasses on

    19. Jake from State Farm:

    guy in a red polo shirt

    20. Misty from Pokémon:

    girl in a yellow shirt with red backpack

    21. A gold digger:

    girl in a gold dress with bucket

    22. SpongeBob's pineapple under the sea:

    girl in a yellow shirt and green hat

    23. Taylor Swift in the "You Belong With Me" music video:

    girl in a t shirt with a sign that says "You OK?"

    24. A Kermit meme:

    girl in a green shirt drinking coffee

    25. Dora the Explorer:

    girl in a pink shirt with a map

    26. A bunch of grapes:

    girl covered in red balloons

    27. Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory:

    guy in a white lab-coat and gloves

    28. Ouija board and a planchette:

    girls dressed as a ouija board

    29. Pig in a blanket:

    girl with a pig nose on wrapped in a blanket

    30. A sexy ghost:

    person in a ghost costume and high heels

    31. Ceiling fans:

    girls with pompoms and white shirts

    32. An '80s workout couple:

    girl in a leotard with man in brightly colored pants

    33. Tequila Mockingbird:

    girl in all black with bottle of tequila

    34. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider:

    girl in all black

    35. The Oxford Comma:

    person with a comma on their shirt

    36. Gnomes:

    people in red conical hats and suspenders

    37. Dexter and his victim:

    guy in a bloody apron with a girl in a sparkly dress

    38. A Playboy Bunny:

    girl in a bunny costume

    39. A Bachelor contestant:

    girl in a dress holding a rose

    40. The Louvre Museum:

    girl with small art prints all over her

    41. The Heather from Heathers:

    three girls in blazers with croquet mallets

    42. "Bad" news:

    girl in a skirt mad of newspaper

    43. A stereotypical dad:

    girl in a polo shirt and cargo shorts

    44. Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians:

    girl in a black and white wig with a long cigarette holder

    45. Sims:

    girl and guy with green triangle over their heads

    46. A bubble bath:

    girl with balloons and a rubber duck on her head

    47. The Dude from The Big Lebowski:

    girl in a bathrobe

    48. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction:

    49. A Magic 8-Ball:

    girl in all black

    50. An IRL Someecard:

    girl drinking with a sign that says "I am currently in the planning stages of a hangover"

    51. Wilson from Home Improvement:

    guy holding popsicle sticks in front of his face

    52. Powerpuff Girls:

    three girls in black skirts and colorful tops

    53. A dead Game of Thrones character:

    person in a sheet

    54. The Brawny Man:

    baby wearing a plaid shirt and fake beard

    55. No Face from Spirited Away:

    person in a big white mask

    56. Rosie the Riveter:

    girl in a blue button down shirt and red bandana

    57. A copy cat:

    girl dressed as a cat

    58. A gold star for trying:

    person dressed as a star

    59. Iron Chef:

    person wearing an apron that reads "Fe"

    60. Ms. Frizzle:

    woman in a dress with stars on it holding a small school bus

    61. A ~holy cow~:

    one girl dressed as an angel, one girl dressed as a cow

    62. A Tamagotchi:

    girl with a big pink egg

    63. Wednesday Addams:

    girl in a black dress

    64. Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.:

    girl in a green shirt with an eye on it

    65. CatDog:

    one girl wearing sign that says "cat" and the other wearing sign that says "dog"

    66. Blake from Workaholics:

    person with curly hair holding a red solo cup

    67. A formal apology:

    girl in a fancy dress

    68. A Christmas present:

    girl wearing wrapping paper and a bow

    69. The rainbow Snapchat filter:

    girl with a rainbow on her chin

    70. Kim Kardashian and champagne:

    girl in a black dress with a champagne bottle

    71. Damian from Mean Girls:

    person wearing a hoodie and sunglasses

    72. Eleven from Stranger Things:

    person wearing a pink dress and blue hoodie

    73. Walter White from Breaking Bad:

    person wearing a button down shirt and underwear holding a gun

    74. A Kit Kat:

    people wearing all red outfits that say "Kit Kat"

    75. Shipwrecked Ariel:

    girl in a white sheet with rope tied around it

    76. Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove:

    girl in a purple feather boa

    77. An Oreo:

    two people dressed as an Oreo cookie

    78. The Devil Wears Prada:

    girl in a devil costume that reads "Prada"

    79. Nikki Minaj's "Anaconda" video:

    girl with a snake hat on

    80. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head:

    two people dressed like Potato Heads

    81. Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly OddParents:

    girl with pink hair and guy with green hair holding fairy wands

    82. The Spice Girls:

    three girls dressed as different spices

    83. A Rubik's Cube:

    person dressed as a Rubik's cube

    84. A wind-up doll:

    girl wearing a pink tutu

    85. Lydia from Beetlejuice:

    girl in a red spiderweb poncho

    86. Log Lady from Twin Peaks:

    girl in a sweater holding a log

    87. Netflix and/or Chill:

    two people dressed as "Netflix" and "Chill"

    88. A birthday gift bag:

    girl wearing a gift bag

    89. A piñata:

    person wearing a piñata costume

    90. Garth from Wayne's World:

    guy wearing a white wig

    91. A cactus:

    girl in a green shirt with white print

    92. A crayon:

    girl in a red crayon costume

    93. The Morton Salt Girl:

    girl wearing yellow dress with umbrella

    94. Romy and Michele

    one girl in a pink dress and one in a blue dress

    95. The Kool-Aid Man:

    girl dressed as the Kool-aid man

    96. Before and After Princess Mia from The Princess Diaries:

    two girls wearing schoolgirl outfits

    97. A movie theater floor:

    person with candy stuck to them

    98. Drunk Meredith from The Office:

    girl in a purple dress

    99. DoodleBob:

    person wearing a white shirt holding a pencil

    100. A "sugar daddy":

    man pushing a stroller full of a sugar bag

    101. A Frappuccino:

    girl dressed as a frappucino

    102. Taxidermy Bambi and Thumper:

    people dressed as animals with their heads mounted on the wall

    103. Seth from Superbad:

    person holding laundry detergent

    104. The Oregon Trail itself, plus the river:

    two people dressed as the Oregon Trail and a river

    105. Your Tinder profile:

    guy dressed as a Tinder profile

    106. A weed brownie:

    girl dressed as a brownie scout that has weed

    107. The Operation game and a nurse:

    one girl dressed as the game Operation and one girl dressed as a nurse

    108. The ~No Ragrets~ kid from We're the Millers:

    girl with the words "No Ragrets" drawn on her chest

    109. Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky from Dodgeball:

    person holding a dodgeball wearing football padding

    110. Captain Underpants:

    girl dressed in underwear and a red cape

    This post contains content from Alanna Okun, Nikki Francois, Brett S. Vergara, and Spencer Althouse. It was compiled by Laura Frustaci.