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Show Us Your Best Halloween Costume Ever

Everyone has a favorite.

Halloween is going to look different this year, and even though everyone should be following CDC guidelines (sorry, but that probably means no trick-or-treating, bars, or parties where you live), that doesn't mean we can't highlight your great costumes from past years.

Someone re-creating the sensual pottery-making scene from "Ghost," with a blow-up Patrick Swayze attached to them

So we want to see your all-time best Halloween costume. Maybe it was a two-person costume that won you first place in a contest.

A woman dressed as a Publishers Clearing House winner (robe and face mask and all), and a spokesperson with a giant check

Perhaps you DIY'd something that was based on your favorite movie character, and evvvvvveryone complimented you.

A woman dressed as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz," but half of her is in black and white and the other half is in color

Or maybe you had a group costume with your siblings that you all want to re-create again this year for your family's at-home quarantine celebration.

Whatever your absolute BEST Halloween costume was, we want to see it! Use the comments below to upload a pic and to tell us what you were!

A side-by-side of a drunk Meredith from "The Office" and a woman dressed just like her

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!

A couple dressed as Tom Hanks' character and Wilson the volleyball from "Cast Away"