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17 Great Things About Going Home To Wales For Christmas

The "Croeso i Gymru" sign is welcoming you home.

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3. Arriving home to your mam's homemade cawl.

10. And there's always the chance of a white Christmas.

12. In the evening you probably end up playing board games with your family – like the Welsh version of Monopoly.

13. And you might even get to re-read your battered copy of A Child's Christmas in Wales. / Via

15. Then there's the annual Boxing Day tradition of going to the pub. / Via

Where you see EVERYONE you know. Friends you grew up with, your ex-boyfriend, old teachers – literally everyone is out on Boxing Day.

16. You get to participate in some of the strange Welsh festive traditions like Mari Lwyd.

17. But the best thing of all is being greeted by the "Croeso i Gymru" sign when you reach your homeland. / Via

You know you're finally home when you see it.