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19 Times Chris Hemsworth's Family Were Too Damn Cute In 2016

What did we do to deserve this family?

1. When Chris ran out of time to find a birthday cake for his daughter, so he made one instead.

2. And when he showed off his cooking skills once again by whipping up a snack after a movie premiere.

3. When he shared a beautiful Australian sunset with his son.

4. When he went out for dinner with his wife, Elsa Pataky, and seemed REALLY stoked about it.

5. And when they pulled funny faces together during a Melbourne trip.

6. When they both laughed off magazine rumours that their marriage was on the rocks by posing on a boat.

7. When Elsa looked like an angel during a stroll with her kids.

8. And when she looked like a genuine goddess on the beach.

9. When Chris won our hearts by showering his baby with kisses.

10. When he had a "stare-off" with his dog, because pets are family too.

11. And when they took a break from their staring competition to pose for a family photo.

12. When Chris celebrated Father's Day by channelling his inner child at the park.

13. When he let his son feed him his morning coffee.

14. And when his son casually tried to stab him.

15. When Chris and Elsa just looked so damn happy to be together...


17. When they looked like the perfect family while enjoying a music festival.

18. And when Chris just couldn't stop hugging his kids...

19. ...even when he was napping.

What a family. ❤️

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