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Oprah's Ponytail And FLOTUS' Middle Part Were The Best Things On TV Last Night

Their edges looked like they were laid by God himself!

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Last night Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah for her final interview in the White House and they talked about lots of important things. But they left out one very pressing matter that I'd like to discuss.


And I'm not the only who thinks so:

Can we get all the way into Oprah's ponytail please? #OprahandFLOTUS

Whoever gave #FLOTUS this middle part needs a raise. This hair is liiiiiiife. #OprahandFLOTUS

But what hair vitamins are Michelle and Oprah taking?! We need answers. #OprahandFLOTUS

Tell Oprah's hair stylist I will sweep hair for free just to get that same ponytail #OprahandFLOTUS

Oprah's ponytail deserves an "after the interview" web segment. #OprahandFLOTUS


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