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32 Gifts That Are Prettier Than You Are

All that sparkles...under the tree.

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8. Luxurious lipsticks that are very honestly too pretty to exist.

@louboutinworld / Via

If you can't spring for Louboutin heels...these will definitely do.

Get the satin (black), matte (black and gold), and sheer (gold patterned) lip colors for $90 and the lip lacquer (clear) for $85.


21. A painstakingly beautiful pen to scribble down messily laid out plans and thoughts.

Yeah, this isn't one of the 50 Bic pens you lose over the course of a year.

Get it from Anthropologie for $16.


31. An elegant geometric phone case that onlookers will surely take notice of (and admire).

I mean, just think about all the random strangers who see your phone case — gotta make sure it looks good.

Get it from Casetify for $40.

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