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These Are The Letters Kids Send To Elf On The Shelf Headquarters

More than 120,000 letters each year!

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Everyone knows you can write a letter to Santa at the North Pole, but you might not know you can also send a letter to Santa at Elf on the Shelf headquarters — and get a response!

The quickest way to get a response is by submitting a letter online, but lots of kids send letters in the old fashioned way too.

If you'd like to mail Santa a letter you can send it to the address below, which is an official outpost for the North Pole, don't cha know?

The Elf on the Shelf®

3350 Riverwood Parkway SE, Ste 300

Atlanta, Georgia 30339


"Why can’t my elf speak to me?"


We actually asked our Scout Elf friend at E.O.T.S. headquarters this very question! He says a Scout Elf’s job is to watch and listen, not talk.


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