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The 50 Worst Things On The Internet In 2016

In a year like 2016, this list might almost restore your faith in the internet...almost... WARNING: This post is obviously NSFW.

Pro tip, if you want to experience this post but don't want to look at it, listen to this episode of BuzzFeed’s Internet Explorer podcast:

1. The severed toe one Tumblr user mailed her Tumblr friend to make a necklace.

2. This whole thing.

3. This British hero who expressed his opinion by sticking an EU referendum voting card into his foreskin.

4. This emo kid singing and dancing about Pokémon.

Y'all this is legit a video I just saw on Facebook, and no it is not from 2008. It is from Thursday.

5. This romantic tribute to Guy Fieri.

6. And this video of Guy Fieri eating to "Hurt" by Johnny Cash.


7. This Steve Buscemi Minion.

8. This Zootopia Fleshlight.

9. When tween internet sensation Matty B told his fans that he was grounded from the internet...

...which was then revealed to be just a marketing stunt for his new video.

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10. This modern art piece about modern politics.


11. The Bee Movie trailer but every time someone says "bee," Vanessa looks at the screen and says, "You coming?"

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12. This guy breastfeeding a Minion.


13. This anatomically correct GIF of the Robin Hood fox.

14. This furry pissing on his fur suit.

15. This Harambe poem.

16. This "blueberry inflation" — the sexual fetish of women ballooning up and turning blue like the girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory — of Harley Quinn.

17. Sonic the Hedgehog and friends mourning the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

18. This painting that Macklemore apparently owns.

19. This Billy Mays, Tupac, Muhammed Ali, Paul Walker, Harambe, Apple headphone jack, Cecil the Lion, Kimbo Slice, Steve Irwin, Prince, Michael Jackson tribute.

20. This model of what a human body would look like if it could survive a car crash.

21. The 4chan user who was worried his Make America Great Again hat would get in the way of him losing his virginity.

22. This Arthur meme.

23. This guy brushing his teeth with a vibrating dildo.

24. The dude who graphed out the curvature of a dick pic someone sent him on Grindr.

25. The American volunteer who took a break from fighting ISIS to play Pokémon Go.

26. This song about Brexit.

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27. The anime figurine that was cummed on every day for a year.

28. This tattoo of Donald Trump with a micropenis.

29. Zootopia fan art depicting Judy the Rabbit eating and digesting Nick the Fox.

30. The person who tried to catch a Squirtle at a funeral.

31. The hunter who let his daughter shoot a deer and then take a bite from its still "quivering" heart.

32. This My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Bernie Sanders doll.

33. This video of the door to a sorority house opening like the pit of hell.

The video may have been deleted but don't worry y'all I got it

34. The response to this Kanye West tweet.

35. This video of a man trying to kiss a girl for the first time.

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36. Sexy anime Colonel Sanders.

37. The guy who fucked a McChicken sandwich.

38. The guy who fucked a ham sandwich.

39. This cyst being popped.

40. This e-book.

41. The roommate who keeps fucking all the cups in the house.

42. This Mannequin Challenge video filmed at Midwest Furfest 2016.

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43. This mousepad.

44. This Snapchat of a funeral with a dog filter put over someone's dead grandmother.

45. This buttplug on Etsy that says, "I'd rather be listening to SMOOTH by Santana Feat. Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty."

46. The barking noise chorus in this song about a sex position.

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47. The subreddit devoted to cartoon porn of My Little Pony characters as Nazis.

48. This totally inappropriate Pokémon Go stop.

49. Someone who imagined a Pokémon stomping his dick.

50. This video of a guy emptying out an 8-pound jug of his own piss he's been saving and accidentally almost getting it on himself.

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Special shoutout to BuzzFeed's real-cool-gross-stuff Slack room and the Worst Things on the Internet Tumblr. If you can stomach it, check out our 50 Worst Things lists from 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. As always, we’re sorry.