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A Tumblr User Mailed Another Tumblr User Her Severed Toe To Make Into A Necklace

WARNING: This post contains photos of a severed toe in a jar.

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Thankfully, cummy-eyelids, a 23-year-old named Lana, told BuzzFeed News the whole story. First off, no, royallyoily, a 26-year-old named Hayley, did not sever her own toe to make into jewelry.

Hayley had her toe amputated for medical reasons in 2011. Lana is an artist who posts photos of her projects on Tumblr. Typically, she said she works with "wet specimens, bones, and skulls" and said she "makes jewelry out of copper and silver."

"This project is just a nice way for me to combine my skills," Lana said.

She said that she plans on re-preserving the toe and putting it in a pretty, pendant-sized jar.


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