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28 Simple Ways To Improve Your Home In 2017

Finally put those Pinterest boards to good use. The products in this post were updated in April 2018.

1. Transform small (like microwaves) and big (like dishwashers) appliances alike into stainless-steel beauts with a liquid stainless kit.

2. Swap out old gate hardware for something substantial and pretty, like this ornamental pull and latch, to give your outdoor rooms a little special treatment.

3. Paint an old ceiling fan — without removing it from the ceiling — a modern shade instead of shelling out for a new one.

4. Turn an old headboard into a cute entryway bench that'll liven up your front porch.

5. Ravamp ugly kitchen cabinets with chalk paint and new pulls. (Swapping out your kitchen cabinets for a new set can cost you $10K+!!!)

6. Set up a dressing area with a clothing rack that'd put Mariah Carey to shame. JK. But it'll make getting dressed easier.

7. Update an old wall with budget shiplap for less than $50.

8. Sponge on a pricey looking faux-stone countertop — at a fraction of the cost for the real deal — with a granite paint kit.

9. Install an accent wall with temporary wallpaper tiles in cool patterns you'd be scared to use in actual wallpaper.

10. (Finally) corral all your home office or craft supplies into a streamlined DIY filing chest so you have more space for fun stuff.

11. Pump up the style on plain doors by adding molding and paint for a crisp, new look.

12. (Temporarily) disguise ugly tile with a faux tin-tile fireplace surround.

13. Pull together an outdoor room with a printed outdoor rug.

14. Create an organized office area with a cute memo board that double tasks as a dry-erase board and chalkboard.

15. Make a crate pet bed, aka a new throne from which your cat or small dog to deliver some MAJOR Blue Steel.

16. Swap builder-grade doorknobs for a jewel-like doorknob to seriously elevate a plain door.

17. Breathe new life into an old piece with this DIY reclaimed-wood coffee table project.

18. Carve out some space for a (pretty) mudroom with a rustic entryway coat rack and a few storage accessories to complete the nook.

19. Create a sense of space in the bedroom with a salvaged door headboard that'll make your existing bedroom decor POP.

20. Designate a cute place to entertain in your backyard by building a cool outdoor buffet.

21. Make over a pair of old accent chairs with a new high-gloss paint job.

22. Mask an ugly concrete balcony surface with interlocking teak flooring tiles that can be easily uninstalled.

23. Turn an empty corner into an adorable reading nook for growing book worms.

24. Establish a garden focal point with an easy to install trellis or arbor.

25. Craft your own geometric wall art with wood boards, painter's tape, and craft paint.

26. Liven up a linen closet by painting shelf edges a bright hue from a paint sample. Then use some scrap leather to make sophisticated labels.

27. Add some style to your bedroom without losing any space with a peel-and-stick headboard wall decal.

28. And give a boring corner of your home some ambience with a rich, moody paint color.