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21 Photos That Will Turn On All Brits At Christmas

If Peter Andre or Coleen Nolan aren't trying to sell you an Iceland platter, is it really Christmas?

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1. This box of After Eights.

You're truly a monster if you put your empty packets back in the box.

3. These pigs in blankets giving a come hither look.

This should be marked explicit.


10. This glass of Baileys.

Calcium is good for your bones.


13. This mince pie.

In olde English mince pie translates to "Teeny tiny pie of happines".

14. And this mince pie with brandy butter.

Dear god, can a dessert get any sexier?


17. These extraordinary Christmas lights.

Electricity has been around for over 130 years but we will still compete to see who has the brightest house at Christmas.

20. This bounty of Cadburys selection box.

They're the ultimate stocking filler.