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Here's The Best Way To Express Your Feelings About This Stupid Year

This NYE, wear the one thing we can all agree on: Fuck 2016

The start of a new year is normally ushered in with sequins, champagne, and festive eyewear.

But this year was an exceptionally awful fuckin' year.

Like, the worst in history.

Worst years on record: 2) 65,500,000 BC - a meteor strikes earth causing ice age, wiping most life out. 1) 2016 AD. Death, Brexit, Trump.

So, we’re celebrating the end of the biggest dumpster fire the world has ever seen.

Oh look, it's the official 2016 truck!

By telling 2016 exactly what we think of it!

You can join us by getting these glasses from BuzzFeed's Fuck Shit Shop to warn 2017 that it needs to get its shit together.

Cause we're not dealing with this again!