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16 Times Santa Claus Was A Major Buzzkill

Thanks for NOTHING, Santa.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the present they most wanted for Christmas growing up, but never received. Here are their sweet and funny replies.

1. A Matchbox Racetrack.

"A Matchbox racetrack. Because I'm a girl, I never got one, since it was a 'boy' toy. I could easily buy one now but I’d play with it for two seconds & be bored or, more likely, I wouldn’t be able to put the damn thing together." — RCIAG

2. A Cabbage Patch doll.

"I always wanted a Cabbage Patch. I mean desperately. I got a knock off one year. Some homemade thing that was so ugly and I HATED it. It had this funny nose that looked like it was running and it was just not the same. My parents totally didn’t get why I hated it." — jondam

3. A Whizzer 101 Dalmation toy.

"I was dying for the Whizzer 101 Dalmatian toy, which was basically a stuffed animal drank water then peed. I’m pretty sure that was the only thing I asked for and Santa neglected to bring it to me that year." — Maureen Rohlfing

4. Barbie Power Wheels.

"I REALLY, REALLY wanted a Barbie Power Wheels until I was about 10. My mom was a single mother struggling to make ends meet constantly and could never afford it. Even though I never got my 'dream' present she’d always make sure to either get me a bunch of small gifts or a more expensive big present just to see the joy on my face. I thank my mom for always trying to make Christmas special for me all those years when money was extremely tight. I now do the same for my son, and guess what he’s getting for his third Birthday? A Power Wheels :) I can’t wait to see the look on his face!" — msdianaisabel

5. An in-shower radio.

"Between the ages of eight and 22, I always wanted an in-shower radio… weird choice for a kid/teenager growing up, but my best friend had one and I thought it was the coolest. I NEVER GOT ONE! I guess my parents thought it would make me take longer showers? I’m 23 now and recently bought myself a SoundBot which is basically an in-shower radio. I’m still bitter though…" — meganf4384a5a1f

6. My Size Barbie.

"I got pretty lucky as a kid when it came to getting Christmas gifts. I got a lot of the things that I asked for and am so grateful for that. But the one gift I always asked for and the one thing I’ve always wanted (and still want), but never got was a life sized Barbie. I got a Barbie doll house one year, a Barbie sports car that you drive another year (which I didn’t even ask for) and I even got the Barbie Styling Head. But never a life sized Barbie. Till this day, I complain about not getting one to my parents every Christmas. I guess I’m still hoping that one day they’ll take a hint and get me one (side note: I’m 30.)" — Mel

7. A Pooh doll friend.

"Every Christmas for ten years, I always asked for a Pooh doll to go with my Tigger because I believed no one should ever feel lonely, and I thought my Tigger was lonely." — AbosolutelyInsaneGeek

8. A unicorn OR a mermaid's tail.

"A unicorn. Or a mermaid’s tail. I fluctuated between these two things for years until I eventually gave up and asked for socks." — ravenbard

9. A Furby.

"A Furby. I begged for years but no luck. Then when I was an adult and they reissued them, I bought myself one. Now I know why my parents didn’t want such a thing in their house. It is so annoying and creepy." — Katherine Rose

10. An Easy Bake Oven.

"I begged for an Easy Bake Oven every year since it came out, until one year, a friend got one... and I tried the “food.” You cannot make a cake with a package of dust, water, and a lightbulb. Of course my food-snob parents knew this all along." — SQVID

11. A Pokémon. A REAL one.

"When I was eight, I wanted a Pokémon for Christmas. Not a video game—a real, live Pokémon. I was obsessed with the games at the time, and while I knew it was far from realistic, I half-jokingly, half-seriously asked for one anyway. I remember that I specifically wanted a water-type one so I could teach it Rain Dance and make it rain anytime I wanted." — laurencrabtre

12. Star Wars toys.

"I was seven years old and asked for every Star Wars toy in the Sears catalog, but since my family thought girls shouldn’t play with 'boy' toys, I woke up to Barbie toys. :( That Barbie camper wasn’t quite the same as the Millennium Falcon." — daniellebuzbyr

13. An electric keyboard.

"If you had asked me at the time, I would’ve said that I wanted 'an electronic piano with a mic on it.' What I really wanted (and didn’t know it) was something like a Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus, but I was only 11, and too young to know what pro gear was then.

I never, ever got a keyboard growing up. Not even one of those dinky, white 30-key Casios! I have a decent electric piano now, but it’s still not a Moog or anything cool like that." — rhdtmp0705

14. A Mr. Frosty.

"I always wanted a Mr. Frosty but never got one. Every single year I would go through the Argos catalogue and circle Mr. Frosty in red pen, but it was never to be :( A couple of years ago, feeling nostalgic, I decided to buy myself one. I should have known my parents were right not to get me one. It was the CRAPPIEST THING EVER. Speaking to others about this, I know now I'm not the only one disappointed with this toy. I am grateful that this devastation didn’t happen to my kid self or Christmas would have been ruined forever." — 13132023

15. Rollerblades.

"Rollerblades. My mom said I had to go with her to the store to show her the ones I wanted. We went, she wrote down the ones I liked, said she would come back and get them, and, 20 years later, I am still waiting for them." — rachelsporyh

16. A real, live, big, breathing horse.

When I was four I was determined to ask Santa for a horse, but my parents told me Santa couldn’t fit a horse on his sleigh, so I let it go — until Christmas morning. I was enjoying my presents when my neighbors started screaming. I ran out back and peeked over the fence. Guess what was tied to a tree in their backyard? You guessed it: a horse! I asked them who they got it from. 'Santa!' they shouted. Let me just say, 'mad' at my parents is an understatement.

My dad thought quick and told me Santa only has room for ONE horse per year, so he brings it to the first person who writes a letter to him. So I sat down and wrote my letter for next Christmas on Christmas Day to be the first kid to ask for a horse. And the next year, I got a horse from Santa! Well, a stuffed horse.

The next year, my letter specifies 'a real horse. Not a stuffed animal.' I got a model of a real horse and a little stable. The next year: 'I want a real, big horse. Not a little one.' I got a bunch of model figurines and a stuffed horse about the size of me.

The next year, my letter read: 'Santa, I only want a horse. A real, live, breathing horse. NOT A toy!! A horse that is alive and I and i can ride it!' That year, I got a puppy. I’m 18 and still waiting on that horse." — skailyr

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