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December 9, 2016

Can You Guess The Romance Movie From Just Three Emojis?

Who needs a blurb when you've got emojis?

Republicans Will Re-File Religious Freedom Bill Protecting Anti-Gay Beliefs

Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Ted Cruz believe they have a better shot of passing the bill under Trump.

This Instagram Account Proves That Fran Fine Was THE Style Icon Of The 90s

Fran Fine was a style guru, and this Instagram account proves it once and for all.

Senate Avoids Government Shutdown After Dems Drop Fight

A spat over health benefits for retired coal miners nearly derailed a must-pass spending bill. The bill cleared the Senate Friday night, 63-36, and President Obama signed it into law.

Trump Names Prominent Climate Denier To His EPA Team

Christopher Horner of the coal-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute, has been named to the presidential transition team overseeing the EPA. "He is a horrifying choice," said one environmental lawyer.

Carrie Keagan Slams Donald Trump's Continued Role On "The New Celebrity Apprentice"

"His name staying on the show is kinda fucked up," Carrie Keagan told BuzzFeed News.

People Afraid Of Roller-Coasters Ride One For The First Time

A 360/virtual reality video where two people afraid of heights ride a 82 mph roller-coaster at Knott's Berry Farm.

"Silicon Valley" Star T.J. Miller Arrested After Allegedly Hitting Uber Driver

Miller was arrested after allegedly hitting his Uber driver in the back of the head.

¿Qué personaje del Nacimiento representa tu vida amorosa?

¿El inocente Niño Dios o el precoz burrito?

Which Kermit Meme Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Me to me: Find out which Kermit meme you are.

Podemos adivinar si sigues siendo virgen con sólo tres preguntas

La única y original prueba de virginidad de BuzzFeed.

11 Incredible Photo Stories You Absolutely Can’t Miss

Here are the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the web.

Here Are The 11 Best Movies Of 2016

Proof this year wasn't entirely terrible.

Quem é quem e o que recebeu na lista de codinomes da Odebrecht

Os nomes, os apelidos e quanto recebeu cada político, segundo a delação de um dos executivos da empreiteira.

23 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most moving, sorrowful, and beautiful pictures from the past week.

Lawmakers Sound Alarms On UHS Psychiatric Hospitals

In response to a BuzzFeed News Investigation, Elizabeth Warren, Charles Grassley, and Joe Kennedy demand answers.

Do You Know What Happened In Tech The First Week Of December?

The dramatic conclusion of Samsung v. Apple, Trump's favorite news site, Nintendo comes to mobile, and more in our weekly tech news quiz.

Rudy Giuliani Is No Longer Being Considered For Secretary Of State

The former New York mayor removed himself from the running for any position in Donald Trump's cabinet, the president-elect announced.

Can We Guess Your Favorite 2016 Animated Movie?

2016 sucked but at least we still had movies.

The Trump Protests Are Past The Point Of Growing Into A Movement

“This is not something you can do at the keyboard."

20 People Who Are Barely Surviving Finals Week Stress

"Why study for finals when you can focus all your time on praying you get hit by a car when you cross the street."

Denver Broncos Player Called "A Worthless Fucking Nigger" In Threatening Letter

Brandon Marshall shared the hate letter on Instagram.

No, Donald Trump Didn't Let A Homeless Woman Live In One Of His Hotels For Free

A video circulating of a woman claiming to be homeless and staying at one of Trump's hotels for free for nine years is not real, a Trump Hotels spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Chris Pratt Once Keyed A Cop Car While The Cop Was Still Inside

He told the story at "Oh, Hello" on broadway.

How Do Your Christmas Traditions Compare To Everyone Else?

One person's tradition might be another person's big NO.

Dylann Roof's Confession To Charleston Church Massacre Is Played In Court

“I went to that church in Charleston, and uh, I did it,” Roof said during his FBI interview shortly after he killed nine people. Bim Adewunmi is reporting from Charleston.

The Future Of Starbucks Is Slower And More Expensive

Are we approaching Peak Coffee? As everyone from the gas station to the burger joint rush to improve their coffee game, Starbucks is aiming for a new kind of market.

Jennifer Aniston And Jason Bateman Played The BFF Test And It Was Cute AF

The stars of Office Christmas Party find out how well they actually know each other.

Esta fotógrafa transformó una habitación en un mundo de colores

Karen Jerzyk creó una escena fantástica para cada color del arcoiris.

27 Of The Coolest Ways To Wrap Gifts This Year

These just might turn you one of those gift wrap reusers.

This Pregnant Filmmaker Can't Escape The Siege Of An Embattled Syrian City

Waad al-Kateab and her husband, a doctor, are stuck in Aleppo as the fall of the city seems imminent.

29 Actors Hanging Out With Their Body Doubles

Just another day on the job.

13 People With Disabilities Talk About Life Post-Election

"I just hope we all can survive the next four years.”

16 caras que quem ama ficar em casa vai reconhecer

Quando você está pronto para ir embora, mas seu amigo pede outra cerveja.

This Test Will Reveal Your Relationship Status At The End Of 2017

The questions are going to be a little strange, so bear with us.

This Holiday Drag Parody Of Britney "Slumber Party" In Relatable As Fuck

"Drunk in front of my boss — I'm in trouble."

20 Of The Most Amazing Trans Moments Of 2016

"Every day matters when it comes to building a world where every person can live their life to the fullest."

14 Cosas que una persona con VIH quiere que sepas

"No es una enfermedad, es una condición".

23 Preguntas del tipo "qué preferirías" que son imposibles de responder

¿Es mejor ir a un evento vestido casualmente o demasiado arreglado?

24 dicas de cozinheiros famosos que salvarão sua vida na cozinha

Os segredos de um peito de frango suculento, um ovo com gema mole perfeito, um bolo molhadinho.

Você é horrível no quesito mensagens de texto?

Alguém precisa te falar a verdade.

Esta é a aparência das penas do rabo de um dinossauro

Sim, os dinossauros tinham penas. Nem adianta reclamar.

Esta aplicación te dejará ver cuáles fueron tus mejores fotos en Instagram en 2016

También te dirá cuántos likes recibiste y fotos subiste.

25 Things '90s Kids Said That '00s Kids Would Never

"I'm dying to listen to my new music, but I can't get it open."

Fill In The Blank And We'll Tell You Your Best Trait

Don't forget to cross your t's and dot your i's.

Trump Offers Goldman Sachs President Key Economic Position

Cohn is the third veteran of the investment bank to be picked to join the president-elect’s top staff.

Senators Propose Bipartisan Bill To Protect “DREAMers”

Sens. Dick Durbin and Lindsey Graham are filing a bill that would continue to protect young immigrants from deportation. So far Alaska GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski is the only Republican to join Graham.

The Truth About Superhero Movies

"That's literally symptom number one of Radiation Sickness"

26 Incredibly Cool Gifts Your Kids Haven’t Gotten Yet

Kids... right... that's who I'll buy them for.

22 Imágenes sobre la Navidarks que solo entenderás si tienes el alma oscura

Hay dos tipos de personas: los que le piden a Santa y los que le piden a Satán.

This Mug Is Perfect For Anyone That Loves Hot Drinks

Even better: they're dishwasher safe!

Reports: Trump Will Name Cathy McMorris Rodgers To Head Interior

The Washington state congresswoman is currently the No. 4 in GOP leadership and the highest ranking Republican woman in Congress.

15 provas de que a Gretchen foi a dona da internet em 2016

Com certeza a rainha do bumbum esteve na sua timeline este ano.

Ex-presidente do STF diz que gesto de Renan foi afronta ao tribunal

Ayres Britto disse que afastar Renan da presidência do Senado traria mais ganhos para a Constituição, mas defendeu os colegas do Supremo: "não teve acordo político".

10 Questions About Your Sex Life In 2016 That’ll Make You Think

It's time to look back at all the sex you had (or didn't have) this year.

People Are Holding Onto J. Cole's Album Like It's Their Last Breath Of Air In 2016

Apparently, Jermaine Cole has "saved this nightmare of 2016" all while offering to put away our laundry.

14 Very Real Superpowers All Northerners Have

We're basically grittier X-Men.

15 realidades sobre morar com os pais que todos precisam lembrar

Quando passa a noite fora, precisa fazer todo um esquema para parecer que acordou na sua cama.

How Many Extremely 2016 Trends Did You Participate In?

What do you mean, they don't make rose gold cactus-shaped pool floaties?!?

34 Gifts That Support Women In Need Around The World

Give a gift that gives back to someone in need.

Será que na verdade você é a Taylor Swift?

Vamos tirar essa dúvida AGORA!

The Nigerian Women's Bobsled Team Are The Superheroes We Need Right Now

The three US-based women are raising funds to get together the equipment and training they need to be the first African bobsled team to compete in the Winter Olympics.

11 receitas de batata frita que mostram que a vida pode ser maravilhosa

Dá até pra escutar o barulhinho gostoso do óleo.

Test Your Bullshit Detector With Our Fake News Quiz

Can you cut through viral internet BS?

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: a snowman onesie, "weener kleener," a drinking roulette game, and more!

16 Hombres que dominaron el maquillaje en 2016

Este año se dejó claro que el maquillaje es para todos.

Este asombroso proyecto muestra a las mujeres plus-size que las publicidades ignoran

Al fin, las mujeres de talla 24 para arriba pueden mostrar su estilo.

Teste suas habilidades construindo esta academia para gatos

Ela fará seu felino extremamente feliz.

17 preuves que les Anglais doivent être stoppés de toute urgence

Désolé, mais vous ne savez NI manger NI boire.

16 Fotos vintage que básicamente son tú y tus amigas

Aparentemente las cosas no cambian mucho con el paso del tiempo.

17 fois où le sexe est limite allé trop loin en 2016

Âmes sensibles (ou au travail) s'abstenir!

Obama Orders "Full Review" Of Election Hacking Concerns

The US government has said Russia sought to influence the election mostly via email hacks of political entities.

All The Best Deals On The Internet This Weekend

Deals at ModCloth, Forever 21, Aerie, and more!

18 Jokes That'll Make You Be Like, "Ha!"

"Not only is my new thesaurus terrible, but it's also terrible."

19 Leute, die sofort gestoppt werden müssen

Manche Leute wollen einfach die Welt brennen sehen.

Delator da Odebrecht diz que dinheiro vivo foi entregue em escritório de amigo de Temer

Segundo um dos delatores da empresa, parte do dinheiro que Marcelo Odebrecht teria prometido a Michel Temer foi entregue no escritório de advocacia de José Yunes

Sólo un verdadero amante del arte sacará más de 10 en este quiz

¿Qué tan bien conoces las obras que todo el mundo dice conocer?

32 Amazing Gifts That Are Straight-Up Magic

“Yer a wizard, Harry.” —The products in this post

A Ranking Of All 50 People In "Love Actually"

This was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

These Pussy Pipes Are Beautiful And Political

Caitlin Rose Sweet talks about the urgency of queer, body-positive art.

21 Parents Who Were Funnier On Twitter Than You In 2016

"I put my symptoms into WebMD and it turns out I just have kids."

18 realidades de quem não tem planos pro réveillon

O que será que dá pra fazer com 10 reais?

13 Cool Products Canadians Can Now Get On Amazon Launchpad

Get your hands on a DIY electric guitar, a toilet night light, or a heated butter knife!

Taylor Swift e Zayn gravaram um dueto para "Cinquenta Tons"

Anote na agenda, essa foi a única coisa boa de 2016.

Leute, es ist Zeit für Kartoffelpuffer mit Käse und Bacon

Gib's zu, du hattest schon lange keine Kartoffelpuffer mehr!

Kellyanne Conway Defends Trump’s Continued Work With “Celebrity Apprentice”

“Presidents have a right to do things in their spare time or their leisure time.”

16 Things You Only Do If You're A Little Bit Weird

It's not that you're crazy, you're just... different.

26 Fucking Batshit Things That Happened In Scotland In 2016

Stolen toilets, huge cocks, furious deer...oh, Scotland. What on Earth would we do without you?

16 montagens da grávida de Taubaté para você pensar na vida

Ainda mais se as fotos dela forem acompanhadas de frases reflexivas.

26 coisas muito nojentas que as pessoas já fizeram por amor

Se isso não é amor, eu não sei o que é.

Prisoners Are Intentionally Getting Sent Back To Jail To Sell Psychoactive Substances

Psychoactive substances are being sold for £100 per gram, so former prisoners are deliberately trying to get sent back in after being released.

16 coisas que só pessoas com doença de Crohn sabem

"A maioria dos dias eu me sinto como se tivesse sido atropelado por um trem."

Ex-Ambassador Leaves Job At Think Tank Secretly Funded By Bahrain

John Jenkins quietly stepped down at the end of November from his post at the top British think tank seen as a global authority on military and diplomatic affairs.

See Where Homeless Children Will Be Sleeping This Christmas

There are an estimated 120,000 homeless children in England, the highest number on record.

21 petites idées pour vous simplifier la vie à l'approche des fêtes

Décorations, cadeaux, repas... Plein d'idées pour vous aider!

3 Million Brexit Tweets Reveal Leave Voters Talked About Immigration More Than Anything Else

Groundbreaking analysis shows immigration, not sovereignty or the NHS, dominated the conversation – and making British judges responsible for British law was a key theme for Leave supporters.

32 Products For People Who Are Obsessed With Their Pets

Their love for their pet is greater than their love for you — that's not up for debate.

E se os políticos brasileiros fossem da Família Addams?

Não é à toa que o cenário político está um horror.

Verrät uns dein Alkohol-und-Netflix-Geschmack deinen Beziehungsstatus?

Netflix and chill oder Netflix and alleine zwei Tafeln Schoki essen?

What % Christmassy Are You?

Are you already dripping in tinsel and bells?

Bestehst du diesen Kunst-Test?

Kannst du Picasso von Van Gogh unterscheiden?

«Petite, je ne dessinais jamais de personnages noirs»

Marjorie Bourgoin, qui vient de poster un beau dessin montrant la diversité des femmes noires, explique à BuzzFeed News pourquoi la question des représentations est importante.

Los 50 tuits españoles más graciosos de 2016

Oh, Twitter, qué bien nos has venido este año.

34 Of The Best Gifts To Buy At Nordstrom

You can rip up that holiday shopping list like yesterday.

11 Questions That Are Practically Impossible To Answer If You Love Breakfast Food

The most difficult questions for the most important meal.

Food Companies Just Warned Prices Will Rise After Brexit Without EU Migrant Workers

In an open letter to the government, industry groups representing the UK's biggest food brands and supermarkets have warned prices will go up if EU workers are forced to leave the UK.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" Has Two Black Female Leads And It's Awesome

"I gotta give it up for #SpiderManHomecoming that diverse casting seemed so natural and it was beautiful as hell."

21 Pictures People Who Didn't Grow Up Mallu Will Never Understand

Of course, chukku kaapi is the only solution for all your ailments.

Des élèves manifestent à Stains après avoir été insultés au musée d'Orsay

Le musée d'Orsay avait expliqué qu'ils avaient eu «un comportement bruyant», sans expliquer pourquoi le personnel du musée avait insulté les élèves.

More Than 1,000 Russian Athletes Benefited From State-Sponsored Doping, Report Says

Doping in Russia took place on an "unprecedented scale", a new report commissioned by WADA says.

Pesquisa dos EUA mostra que leitores não sabem separar notícias falsas de verdadeiras

Pesquisa do instituto Ipsos conduzida para o BuzzFeed News descobriu que 75% dos adultos americanos viam manchetes de notícias falsas como sendo reais.

This Is The Story Of How A Sim Possibly Caught An STI

Using a fan modification of the game, things get a little bit too real. Warning: This is seriously NSFW!

34 Actually Great Things That Happened In 2016

Just some nice things, big and small, that happened to people in this hell year.

24 Of The Coziest Blankets You Can Get On Amazon

For fulfilling all your winter hibernation goals.

What's Going On Around The World Today?

Uber laid out hard rules for the first time on what it takes to get banned (in short: no sex, no barfing, no guns). South Korean President Park Geun-hye has been impeached over corruption allegations. And John Glenn, the first US astronaut to orbit the Earth, has died at age 95.

9 Shows, die du 2017 komaglotzen solltest

Mach gute Serien zu deinem neuen guten Vorsatz.

Liam Payne Told Louis Walsh To "Shut The Fuck Up" After He Slated Cheryl

Liam hit out after Louis Walsh told a reporter to "Fuck off" after a question about Cheryl returning to the X Factor panel.

22 Dinge, die jede Frau irgendwann mal heimlich gedacht hat

"Habe ich meine Regel bekommen oder ist das nur Arschwasser?"

54 Of The Funniest Scottish Tweets Of 2016

"Is it legal or illegal to slide tackle a goth?"

21 Dinge, die Kylie Jenner 2016, naja, du weißt schon, begriffen hat

Denn 2016 war "the year of just realizing stuff."

28 Adorable Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family

Because Santa sees you when you're sleeping.

Pharmacists Are Refusing To Sell The Morning After Pill To Men Who Want It For Their Partners

When a man tried to buy emergency contraception for his girlfriend, he was repeatedly refused, despite official guidance that it can be purchased on another's behalf.

The Telegraph Listed 89 Anti-Brexit MPs And People Are Not Impressed

The paper's leader column said that the MPs "showed contempt for referendum voters", and called them "shameful" and "childish vandals". People are calling it irresponsible in the year when a pro-Remain MP was murdered.

A Lawyer And News Anchor Teamed Up To School A Man About When To Not Bring Up "False Cases"

The discussion was about the case of a 24-year-old physiotherapist who was raped, set ablaze and killed inside her Mumbai home earlier this week.

18 Perfect Presents For Space Lovers

They're out of this world.



Auriez-vous été séduisante dans les années 60?

Ce guide de 1967 le sait, faites le test!

An Acid Attack Survivor Shares How Shockingly Easy It To Buy Acid In India

The open sale of the acid used to attack women is illegal, but BuzzFeed News was able to buy four different kinds at neighborhood corner stores around Mumbai.

83 Potential Suspects Identified In Football Sex Abuse Inquiry

Almost 100 clubs, from the Premier League to amateur level, are involved.

This Is What It's Like When Your Cash Becomes Illegal

What happens when 86% of your cash becomes illegal over night?

【結果発表】つぎ誰が結婚したら会社休む?総選挙 1位はあの人!


デモが政治を動かした。朴大統領の弾劾訴追 他のデモと比べてみた


South Korea's President Has Been Impeached Over Corruption Allegations

Politicians, including some from her own party, voted 234 to 56 to impeach President Park Geun-hye.

Tories Win Sleaford By-Election With Labour In Fourth Place

UKIP didn't make any progress in the constituency, which voted strongly to leave in the EU referendum.

Who The Fuck Is That White Guy?

There were more guys named “Michael” than there were women at COAG.

19 Times Liam Hemsworth Nailed Social Media In 2016

Liam Hemsworth and his dogs: a love story.

Taylor Swift And Zayn's Collab For "Fifty Shades" Is A Sexy Banger

Mark your diaries, today 2016 was saved from being a total disaster.

Can You Pass This Black And White Ice Cream Test?

I promise they're not all cookies and cream.

14 Brunch Spots That Are A Ten Minutes Or Less Walk From Sydney Beaches

Having to find a parking spot once is already hard enough.

17 Times Australian Food Was So Extra In 2016

At least there were no milkshakes.

Twitter Rolls Back Update After Mass Uproar

Now you see it. Now you don't.




米国・ニューヨーク 現地時間2016年11月21日:

We Know Your Age Based On Your Taste In 2016 Memes

The year of realising that memes are all we have left.

How Well Do You Remember The “Gilmore Girls” Christmas Episodes?

“Christmas spirit is not something that can be turned off like a faucet on Dec. 26.”

21 Little Secrets We All Keep

We all have a lil secret.

How Bad Are Your Night-Time Habits?

There's a reason they don't call it Netflix and sleep.

Site Of Deadly Oakland Fire Slipped Past Inspectors For Decades

The maze-like warehouse where 36 people were killed last week may have never been subject to a fire inspection — a yearly requirement in the California city.

Ohio Lawmakers Give Governor A Second Abortion Ban: 20 Weeks

The day after Ohio legislators amended a law to ban abortion after six weeks, they sent the governor another bill that would make the procedure illegal after 20 weeks.

Charleston Church Shooter Refuses To Look At Grisly Photos Of His Victims

"I have seen these may be very upsetting," the judge told family members. "There’s no shame in stepping out for this."

Can We Guess Your Relationship Status Based On Your Shoe Preferences?

The most important footwear test since Cinderella tried on that glass slipper.

21 People Who Have Drastically Changed In 2016

We used to be so pure, what has 2016 done to us?

The Ultimate "Would You Rather" For "Westworld" Fans

Although, who knows — maybe your answers have already been programmed...

17 Tumblr Posts That Accurately Describe Aussie Politics This Year

The people of Australia have spoken and they have said ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

NFL Punters Are Finally Cool, Thanks To Twitter

The NFL's least popular players are turning the tables, 140 characters at a time.

¿Cuál será tu destino si vas a la fiesta de XV de Rubí?

Nuestra predicción te dirá qué te pasará en la fiesta del año.

21 Inexpensive Gifts For The Cool Guy In Your Life

You'll probably want to keep these for yourself.

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