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December 12, 2016

These Are The Albums That Helped Us Get Through 2016

According to the musicians at KROQ's Almost Acoustic Christmas.

Avoiding Awkward Family Conversations This Holiday Season: A How-To Guide

We all have those family members...'slightly racist' Uncle Jimmy, 'I'm not homophobic but..." Aunt Krista, and 'Women are already equal' Grandpa Dick. Here's a guide to tiptoeing around the controversial subject of 2016 and scraping by this holiday season.

Proof That Candy Canes Are The Fucking Worst

You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

20 De los momentos trans más inspiradores de 2016

"Cada día cuenta cuando se trata de construir un mundo en el que cada persona pueda vivir su vida al máximo".

19 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Do In Darwin

You're going to want to get there ASAP.

¿Qué tan bien cuidas de ti?

Haz esta prueba porque mereces sentirte mejor.

18 Posts que solo entenderás si alguna vez has estado en Culiacán

¡Bajar de 35°C a 31°C no es un frente frío!

What's The Best Phone Case You Have Ever Purchased?

Because a broken phone equals instant heartbreak.

20 Personas que sufrieron cambios drásticos en 2016

2016 nos arruinó la vida a todos.

17 Times Millennials Really Fucked Up In 2016

Ugh, to choose avocado toast or to buy a house? Life is so hard.

21 Amazing Wedding Miracles That'll Make You So Happy

"We got a big gay rainbow for our big gay wedding!"

Only True Christmas Music Fans Can Score 9/9 On This Lyrics Quiz

Just don't blame us when you get these songs stuck in your head.

These Are The Beauty Products We Absolutely Swear By

Lady tested? Lady was here for it.

Architects Build Gingerbread Houses

“Everything is just gonna keep falling over"

What % Grinch And What % Santa Are You?

Do you deliver presents, or steal them?

People Are Screaming After A Guy Hilariously Called Out His Mom For Lying On Facebook

And calling out their moms. "My mom does shit like this."

OMG Did You See This Awkward Moment From The "Critics Choice Awards"

Atlanta's Lakeith Stanfield pulled a Kanye, kinda.

Federal Prosecutors Want Broad Authority To Go After Supreme Court Protesters

Five men and women arrested this past year for disrupting US Supreme Court arguments scored a rare victory in late 2015 when a federal judge narrowed a law that criminalizes high court protests. Federal prosecutors appealed.

Chris Pratt And J. Law Had Some Seriously Sick Burns For Each Other

"I really loved you in Everwood...said no one ever."

No, The Soccer Team That Lost 19 In A Plane Crash Won't Be Fined For Not Playing The Finale

Reports are circulating that Chapecoense are being fined nearly $30,000 for failing to field a team in the finals after losing 19 players in the deadly plane crash last month.

16 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Anyone Who Loves "Friends"

Because you can't get a gift card to Central Perk.

House Republicans Won't Say They'll Open A New Investigation Into Russian Hacking

As Senate Republicans agree to investigate Russian cyberattacks, their House colleagues say a new investigation would be superfluous.

O que você escolher para comer vai revelar a idade da sua alma

Você é mais sábio do que seus anos de vida?

16 tragédias para os apaixonados por papelaria

Exemplo? Alguém pedir uma caneta emprestada e você saber que nunca mais a verá de novo.

Which "12 Days Of Christmas" Gift Should You Give Your S.O.?

(But, like, wtf do you do with a partridge in a pear tree?!)

Homologação da delação da Odebrecht só sai em março e governo traça plano para sobreviver at

Roteiro do Planalto para sobreviver até o início do ano que vem foca em medidas econômicas e ataques ao Ministério Público Federal.

22 Times Canada Was Absolutely Fucking Ridiculous In 2016

Capybaras, angry clowns, poop cafés, and more!

We Tried 1950s Beauty Trends And Here's What Worked

"I feel like I just put lip gloss all over my face."

Literally Just 100 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Parenting

"Currently helping my son search for his chocolate that I ate last night."

Qual órgão do corpo humano você é?

Nem todos são o coração!

Mandaram uma foto da Rihanna sem maquiagem para um quadro do "Altas Horas"

A foto foi exibida como se fosse de uma garota chamada "Karen" no quadro "Com quem pareço". Mas bastou uma rápida pesquisa para descobrirmos que a foto está no Instagram oficial da Rihanna.

18 Pruebas de que en diciembre bale berga la bida

Tú, en el mes de los excesos.

Amherst College Suspends Men's Cross-Country Team Over Misogynistic Emails

Team members described women as a "walking STD" and "meat slabs," while one teammate asked, "do asians really have horizontal vaginas?”

A nova pesquisa Datafolha tem alguns dados surpreendentes

Depois do fim da era petista no poder, a corrupção deixou de ser vista como o principal problema do Brasil pelos entrevistados. Além disso, Temer derreteu na classe média, Lula e Aécio vão melhor no interior do país e Alckmin só é forte no Sudeste.

Um rapaz resolveu imitar as fotos que as pessoas mandam para ele

O jogo é difícil e o resultado está muito engraçado.

グッチやシャネル 黒人モデルが再現した美しすぎる広告写真 その理由に感動する


21 Gifts Only Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate

If bad grammar makes you [sic], these are for you.

Uma retrospectiva da sua vida sexual e amorosa em 2016 em 10 perguntas

Está na hora de recordar o sexo que você fez (ou deixou de fazer) nesse ano.

Nove mulheres que estão MUITO BEM, OBRIGADA

"Nossa, como estou me divertindo."

Você tem cuidado bem de si mesmo?

Você merece se sentir melhor.

Quem é você na lista de apelidos horríveis da Odebrecht?

Todo Feio, Boca Mole, Decrépito ou Misericórdia?

19 Life-Changing Things Anna Kendrick Tweeted In 2016

"My life would be so much easier if it wasn't for that thing…God, what is that thing called…other people."

Charleston Church Shooter Had A List Of Other Churches In His Car

The trial of Dylann Roof, a white supremacist who shot and killed nine people at Emanuel AME Church, continued Monday with testimony on what was found in his car after he was arrested.

Exxon Distances Itself From Planned Parenthood

After Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson became Donald Trump's leading pick for secretary of state, the company told BuzzFeed News that employees' donations to Planned Parenthood with company money should not be interpreted as an official endorsement.

Guys Try Holiday Glitter Glam Makeup Tutorials

"I look like the crazy aunt."

Todos están obsesionados con esta pequeña superestrella que tiene una prótesis de pierna

La madre de Rory, Kayla Moore, le dijo a BuzzFeed News: "[El] espíritu [de Rory] es ambicioso, valiente y optimista".

19 Times Demi Lovato Served Looks In 2016

I will be rising from the ground like a style icon.

Is Weed A Medicine? Voters Say Yes But Doctors Are Skeptical

As voters legalize weed across the country, doctors groups still voice serious doubts about its medical value.

36 Amazing Gifts You Can Get On ModCloth

Something cute and/or hilarious for everyone.

Este teste com as Kardashians dirá o quanto você é carente por atenção

Qual momento da Kourtney faz você dizer "euzinha"?

34 vezes em que os filmes da Disney foram bem errados

Não espanta que nossa geração seja tão perturbada.

30 Things You Should Know About Pentatonix

The a cappella group take our Q&A!

17 Things Everyone Who Went Clubbing In Norwich In The ’00s Will Just Get

IKON, Time, Liquid, and Prince of Wales equals one messy decade.

17 Memes que te pondrán en el espíritu Guadalupe-Reyes

Directito del Tepeyac para el mundo.

The Key To Trump Is Reading Him Like A Celebrity

Analyze Trump as a politician and you'll only end up confused. Study him like a celebrity, however, and every baffling action makes sense.

This Pinterest-Worthy Dorm Room Will Give You Major Room Envy

A fantastic room inspired by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai's ukiyo-e, or "pictures of the floating world."

Los 19 errores más grandes de Photoshop en 2016

¿Cómo no se dieron cuenta de estos errores?

Almost A Quarter Of Children At A Youth Jail Were Insulted By Staff, Report Finds

Rainsbrook youth prison, Warwickshire, was taken over by a controversial US firm in May of this year.

Doubt Cast On Story Of A Sick 5-Year-Old Who Died In Santa’s Arms

A longtime Tennessee Santa Claus says he is having a hard time continuing to play the part after a terminally ill child died in his arms after asking to see Santa one last time — but now, doubt is being cast on the story.

How Drunk Will You Get At Your Office Christmas Party?

Will you be taking advantage of the open bar?

This Guy Is Stuck In A Hilarious, Neverending Twitter Thread Of Fictional Video Games

"Wine Lord: Play as a dour robot trudging round a futuristic slum, forcing citizens to chug merlot. If anyone sobers up, it's game over."

21 Things For The Anime Addict In Your Life

To call it an addiction is an understatement.

23 People Who Had A Way Worse 2016 Than You

"I went down on a guy and he accidentally sharted in my mouth."

Goleiro sobrevivente da tragédia da Chapecoense volta hoje ao Brasil

Jogador teve parte da perna amputada e viajará em um avião médico direto para o hospital Albert Einstein. Na terça, lateral Alan Ruschel e jornalista Rafael Henzel embarcam em voo da FAB para Chapecó.

29 Things All Late-'90s Teen Girls Desperately Wanted For Christmas

Let’s be honest: You still think about that corduroy jacket you saw in the Delia's catalog.

Trump Says This Is The First He's Hearing About Russian Hacking But Nope

Donald Trump on Monday questioned why the issue of Russia's alleged intervention in the US elections hadn't been brought up before the election.

How Well Do You Know Basic Sign Language?

Put your ASL knowledge to the test.

8 Life-Changing Things You Should Actually Try In December

Because we tried them for you in November!

All The Best Deals On The Internet Today

Deals at Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, Too Faced, and more!

Can You Pass This Mandela Effect Memory Test?

Which things are you misremembering?

How Well Do You Remember "Mickey's Christmas Carol"?

Because Disney and Dickens are a surprisingly good match.

Este vídeo da Ivete cantando É o Tchan vai te dar muita nostalgia

Ivete Rainha Sangalo quebrou tudo no Festival de Verão de Salvador neste domingo (11).

What Colour Is Your Aura?

Does your personality shine through your aura?

15 plats de hipster qui feraient mieux de mourir avant 2017

Autant de raisons de foutre 2016 à la poubelle.

What % Perfectionist Are You?

Please try to avoid clicking every item just to get a "perfect" score.

56 mujeres que nos hicieron llorar de risa en Twitter en 2016

"No puedes gustarle a todo el mundo, no eres una cama".

Here's Why Amber Rudd Banned The Neo-Nazi Group That Celebrated Jo Cox's Killer

Home secretary Amber Rudd told BuzzFeed News that putting National Action on an official list of outlawed terror groups will "stop the spread of poisonous propaganda and protect vulnerable young people at risk of radicalisation from its toxic views".

Mitch McConnell Supports Investigation Into Russia Hacking

The Republican majority leader wouldn't say whether he believed Russia tried to swing the election for Donald Trump.

Clinton Campaign Backs Electors' Request For Intelligence Briefing On Russia's Influencing Election

Electors sent a letter to the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, Monday.

23 personnes qui ne devraient plus jamais s'approcher d'un ordi

On ne comprend même pas comment ils en sont arrivés là.

Pourquoi les médias doivent réinventer leur couverture de Donald Trump

Time a pendant longtemps choisi des personnages controversés, tristement célèbres ou abhorrés comme «Personnalité de l'année». Mais, à l'ère d'un Trump président, le caractère ambivalent de cette distinction tient-il toujours ?

If You Get 8/13 Right On This Test, You Can LOL All Around The World

Do Spanish speakers say "jajajaja" or "xa xa xa?"

This Adorable 2-Year-Old With A Prosthetic Leg Is The Cutest Little Superstar You'll See Today

Rory's mother, Kayla Moore, told BuzzFeed News: "[Rory's] spirit is ambitious, courageous, and upbeat."

Can We Guess Your Favourite Dessert?

Are you more about crème brûlée or cheesecake?

Hmmm lecker, Möhrenkuchen-Happen mit Schokolade

Mega gesund, weil: Gemüse, verstehst du?

13 Fabulous Cocktails Guaranteed To Light You Up This Christmas

Naughty or nice, you deserve a cocktail!

24 noticias que demuestran que el PP y la DGT no se llevan demasiado bien

Soraya Sáez de Santamaría aparcando en el carril bus para ir a Primark no está sola.

27 Momente, die jeder Polizist durchlebt hat

Ich sage nur: Wenn der Dienstälteste von seinen Einsätzen erzählt …

Nur echte Hundemenschen schaffen mindestens 15/20 in diesem Quiz

Hunde = Beste Wesen auf der ganzen Welt.

21 Indulgently Sweet Ways To Eat Potato Chips

Potato chips... IN DESSERT.

Allen West, Who Posted An "Exterminate" Muslims Meme, Is Back At Trump Tower Today

Allen West's Facebook page posted a meme Saturday saying Trump's pick for secretary of defense was placed there to kill all Muslims.

My Son, My Enemy: How Turkey’s War Tears Apart Families

The “Kurdish problem” is often painted in simplistic terms — separatists fighting against the Turkish state. But in the southeast, the conflict is far messier. Borzou Daragahi offers a rare look inside Turkey’s secretive Kurdish militia that is fighting its own people.

Situação de Lula piora na Justiça, mas ele está crescendo nas pesquisas

Desde que Sergio Moro decretou a condução coercitiva em março, o ex-presidente vive uma espécie de ressurreição política aos olhos dos entrevistados do Datafolha. Réu em três processos, Lula pode virar ficha-suja e ser impedido de disputar em 2018.

Este vídeo tem 40 momentos intensos e malucos da política brasileira

Você nunca viu tanta gritaria, dedo no olho e falta de decoro com uma trilha sonora alegre.

What's The Most Underrated Festive Movie Of All Time?

Be honest, we've all had enough of Love Actually.

18 ideias muito legais para você presentear seu melhor amigo(a)

A pessoa que você conhece melhor é a mais difícil de presentear, né? Mas não mais!

How Bleak Is Christmas In Your Town?

Does your town have the saddest Christmas tree in the country?

37 Gloriously British Things That Happened In 2016

If you can't laugh at 2016, you'll definitely cry.

20 tuits sobre SEUR con lo que te vas a sentir muy representado

Al amanecer del quinto día al alba mira al este, y todavía no habrá llegado el repartidor.

20 expressões populares da Bahia que merecem ganhar o Brasil

Quem tem tempo caga longe, não é mesmo?

12 provas que existe um acumulador dentro de você

Você vai ter que colar esse monte de adesivo no seu caixão!

13 talentos seus que você esquece por ter uma memória horrível

Spoilers claramente não são um problema para você.

What Documentary On Netflix Does Everyone Need To Watch?

'Tis the season to binge-watch, after all.

Em 2016 tudo foi culpa dos signos mais uma vez

Está tudo lá, no seu mapa.

На сколько % круты ваши родители?

Пора выяснить это раз и навсегда

Trump Nominates Retired Gen. John Kelly For Homeland Security Secretary

The retired Marine Corps general was also the Commander of US Southern Command, overseeing US military operations in Central and South America as well as the Caribbean.

14 Memes über deine Gebärmutter, die einfach schmerzhaft wahr sind

Ein neuer Monat ohne Baby und deine Gebärmutter will Rache.

Are You More Like The Grinch Or Buddy The Elf?

“I just like to smile, smiling is my favorite.”

17 Filme, die so creepy sind, dass du dir in die Hose machst

"So surreal, entsetzlich und unangenehm."

Gros pistons et petites manip pour une place en crèche à Boulogne-Billancourt

Pour obtenir une place en crèche dans cette ville du 92, il vaut mieux squeezer la commission d'attribution des places et faire valoir un bon piston. Notre enquête lève le voile sur un processus très opaque, et très à l'ancienne, dans la deuxième plus grande ville d’Ile-de-France.

Quand le PSG tweete le chant homophobe de ses supporters

«L’homophobie dans le foot est totalement hors de contrôle», commente auprès de BuzzFeed News l'ancien président du Paris Foot Gay. Du côté du PSG, on plaide l'«étourderie».

Every Turtle Featured In That Harrowing "Planet Earth II" Segment Was Rescued

The @BBCEarth Twitter account reassured viewers that the baby turtles featured were all rescued with the help an organisation that saves lost hatchlings each night.

This Is What Happens When You Do Magic For A Dog

"She understands what we're talking about."

What's Going On Around The World Today

The CIA believes Russia meddled in the presidential election to bolster Donald Trump’s chances of winning. At least 38 people died in attacks in Istanbul, Turkey, and at least 25 people died in a bombing at Egypt’s main Coptic Christian cathedral. And we take a look at the gadgets that aim to help people sleep.

This Woman Found A Way To Work Around The Fucked Up System Of Arranged Marriage In India

"We spend ages ordering off a menu in a restaurant, but when it comes to selecting a partner FOR YOUR ENTIRE FRIKKIN' LIFE we expect a man and a woman to meet for a few hours and finalise it then and there."

17 Things About British Food That Enrage French People

Sorry, but your food and drink is terrible. Take it from a French person.

28 Nailart-Ideen für deine nächste Maniküre

*macht sofort neuen Nagel-Termin aus*

Do You Actually Know Anything About Scotland Or Nah?

If you can't find Loch Ness, how are you going to find the Loch Ness Monster?

23 Dinge, von denen Amerika nicht weiß, wie schräg sie für andere sind

Von Drei-Liter-Weinflaschen bis zum Einkaufen im Pyjama.

21 Times Christmas Just Went Too Damn Far In Britain

Some things are just not meant to be mulled.



13 Actual Decisions The Censor Board Made This Year

2016, the year they decided the words "vagina", "crotch", "nuts", "ass" and "dick" were too obscene for adults in India.

生き残りかけて「会議やめます」 働き方改革どう進める? 社長たちの覚悟


マリオと遊べる任天堂エリア USJに2020年にも誕生!

その名はSUPER NINTENDO WORLD(スーパー・ニンテンドー・ワールド)







This Girl’s Story Proves Why You Should Never Try To Get With Your Uber Driver

It's like when you think the roller coaster is over but then it drops you one last time.

Man Who Killed Former New Orleans Saints Player Will Smith Gets 25 Years In Prison

Cardell Hayes was convicted of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter in the shooting of football player Will Smith and his wife during a traffic dispute last year.

Praise The Lord, One University Is Going To Give Students Free Textbooks

WSU is rolling out the scheme from next year.

Which "YouTube Rewind" Year Are You?

No matter what, you're going out with a bang.

Teen Claims He Had To Defecate In Pillow Case While In Solitary Confinement

Dylan Voller has delivered shocking testimony to the NT Royal Commission.

John Bolton Says Election Hacking Could Have Been A "False Flag"

Bolton, who is possibly being considered by Trump for a position as Secretary of State, questioned if hackings during the election were actually by Russia.

This Australian Director Is Looking For A Young Trans Actor

The director of Hir is looking for a trans, teenage actor to play the character "Max".

Which ECU SOTD MT17 Class Member Are You?

Thick folds, thick thighs, we are quizzing 2day hunty

19 Words That Mean Something Totally Different To Messy Bitches Who Live For Drama

I'm dying = I'm literally alive but I'm figuratively dead.

This Woman Spent A Day Wearing A Fake Beard And Is A Hero To Us All

Because facial hair is awesome, no matter your gender.

21 Gifts Under $50 That Will Make Anyone Smile

A tote bag for your best mate and a speaker for your favourite beach lover.

17 Times Kate McKinnon Got Us Through 2016

We actually don't deserve her.

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