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36 Amazing Gifts You Can Get On ModCloth

Something cute and/or hilarious for everyone.

1. A shrimp sushi pillow for the friend who loves to snuggle.

Get it for $44.99.

You can also get a buttered toast or s'mores pillow if those foods more closely align with your friends' tastes.

2. Mini unicorn string lights for the friend who prides themselves on having a super cozy bedroom.

3. A glow-in-the-dark calendar kit with a different constellation to stitch for every month.

4. Best friend necklaces for...well, it's pretty obvious.

5. A skeleton hand jewelry organizer for someone who closely aligns with Wednesday Addams.

6. A contemplative desk plaque for the friend who asks this exact question on a daily basis.

7. A bedazzled, retro-inspired purse with a functioning phone handle (!!!) for the last person you knew to get a smartphone.

8. Magical narwhal slippers for the friend who's always freezing from head to toe.

9. A sassy tee for the friend who knows every line of Mean Girls by heart and lets e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e know it.

Get it for $29.99. Sizes S-XXL.

10. Precariously balanced teacups (that are actually a vase, fooled ya) for the friend who loves quirky home decor.

11. Eyeshadow trio compacts for the makeup-lover who is a total sucker for beautiful packaging.

*eyes sparkle*

Get the first one here and the second one here, both for $27.99.

Check out other Paul & Joe products here!

12. A weekender wash kit for the friend who is always scrambling last-minute to pack for a trip.

13. Constellation headphones for the friend who never hears you when you meet up because they're wearing these dang things.

14. A book with punch-out awards for the friend who's still proud of their elementary school perfect attendance award.

Now it's adulthood...attendance...

Get it for $19.99.

15. Yeti hand warmers for the friend who can't leave the house during winter without wearing gloves.

16. Iridescent shark tooth earrings for the go-getter who loves taking a *bite* out of life.

17. A calligraphy kit for the friend who always complains about their messy handwriting (but secretly knows it's actually neat and pretty).

18. A lovely space necklace for the stargazer who loves going to the planetarium.

19. Cute fox pajamas for the friend who prioritizes being cozy above everything else.

20. Stacked measuring cups for someone who loves to bake *almost* as much as they love cats.

21. A cheerful tote for the friend who does a happy dance every time they make brunch plans.

22. A cocktail book for your writer friend who lives by the "write drunk and edit sober" philosophy.

23. An USB balloon lamp for the night owl who loves having some *ambient* lighting.

24. A cross-stitch world map for the frequent flier who has more mileage points than money in their bank account.

25. A watercolor-like constellation skirt for the stylish friend who always dresses to the nines.

ModCloth's in-house print designer drew the constellations by hand!

Get it for $59.99. Sizes XXS-4X.

26. A gemstone soap kit for the friend who loves spending their weekend working on a new DIY project.

27. A wine stopper that looks exactly like your friend after they've had one too many drinks.

28. Cheek and lip rouge for the friend who always laments about not being born in a different decade.

29. A Gudetama necklace for the homebody who's impossible to drag out of the house on a Saturday.

30. Chic rose gold wall vases for the friend who was an interior designer in another life.

31. Earrings for the boba lover who lives on this stuff all year round.

32. A cute and prickly shower curtain for the friend whose apartment is filled to the brim with succulents.

33. A fun game for the hyper-organized friend who makes lists for literally everything.

34. Honest socks for the caffeine addict who drinks their weight in coffee every day.

35. A tangerine turntable for the music connoisseur who appreciates vinyls as much as Spotify.

36. A carry-on cocktail kit for the friend who wishes they could fly first class everywhere.

37. A convertible carryall bag for the sightseer who's always taking weekend trips.

38. A pair of pins for the friend who manages to down truckloads of sweets without getting a single cavity.

39. And a galaxy tapestry for the dreamer whose goal is to earn enough money to book a personal flight to space.

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