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13 Fabulous Cocktails Guaranteed To Light You Up This Christmas

Naughty or nice, you deserve a cocktail!

1. Cranberry Apple Persimmon Sangria

life is but a dish / Via

2. Blackberry Thyme Champagne Cocktail

The Stiers Aesthetic / Via

3. Caramel Crème Brûlée White Russian

3 Yummy Tummies / Via

4. Pomegranate Spritzer

life is but a dish / Via

5. Iced Green Tea Mojitos

Kirbie's Cravings / Via

6. Cranberry Orange Mimosas

Sugar and Soul / Via

7. Cranberry Apple Moscow Mule Punch

Whitney Bond / Via

8. Pomegranate Ginger Paloma

Half Baked Harvest / Via

9. Champagne Pomegranate Spritzer

The Girl on Bloor / Via

10. Coconut Bourbon Coffee Nog

Running to the Kitchen / Via

11. Cranberry Apple Sangria

Whitney Bond / Via

12. Holiday Kentucky Buck

Pickled Plum / Via

13. Easy Peppermint Martini

The Blond Cook / Via

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