Reporting To You X



Is eggnog good or is it a weird egg drink?

Happy howlidays!!!

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays!

Who are you, really?

Have a holly, jolly Christmas!

Let's see how your opinions stack up against everyone else's.

Merry chrysler!

Is figgy pudding as good as they say?

"Welcome to the party, pal!"

What do you want for Christmas?

Ho, ho, ho!

You're in for a treat.

Santa sees all.

Which side of the tracks are you from?

Fill up those stockings.

Harder than you think!

Which one are you?


Have you been naughty?

We know.

"You smell like beef and cheese."

Which foods are the best?

'Tis the season.

Or should we say... chris-tletoe.

I'm probably the only person that's seen this movie.

Treat everyday like Christmas.

It's like we have ESPN or something.

This one's for all my ~special snowflakes~ out there.

Christmas movies are truly magical, aren't they?

What else should you do this season?

Because there's nothing like a good holiday tradition.

We can't all be Max.

Will you get what you want?

It's lit!

Everyone needs a good One Direction playlist.

Make it beautiful.

There's nothing like an office holiday party.

Baking and Christmas movies. What more could you ask for?

This won't be easy.

All I want for Christmas... is clothes.

As if you haven't already watched them all.

Was "Christmas Party" better than "A Moroccan Christmas"?

Are you the top, middle, or the bottom?

All I want for Christmas is Shawn Mendes.

The foundation of Christmas is the decorations.

Or somewhere in between.

Are you head elf? Or the reindeer poop scooper?

Put out your lights and ornaments without having to drag in a Christmas tree.

"There's no greater gift than friendship."

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