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Vanessa Hudgens Is In ANOTHER Netflix Christmas Movie And The Trailer Is Here

Netflix's hardest-working holiday star has a new project on the way.

How Normal Are Your Christmas Food Opinions?

Is eggnog good or is it a weird egg drink?

Do You Prefer The Same Christmas Cookies As Everyone Else?

Let's see how your opinions stack up against everyone else's.

Are Your Holiday Food Opinions Normal?

Is figgy pudding as good as they say?

I Bet We Can Guess Your Favorite Movie With 100% Accuracy

It's like we have ESPN or something.

What Kind Of Snowflake Are You?

This one's for all my ~special snowflakes~ out there.

Make Some Christmas Cookies And We'll Give You A Christmas Movie To Watch

Baking and Christmas movies. What more could you ask for?

Let's See If You Prefer The Same TV Christmas Episodes As Everyone Else

Was "Christmas Party" better than "A Moroccan Christmas"?

Everyone's Personality Matches A Christmas Decoration — Here's Yours

The foundation of Christmas is the decorations.

19 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Small Home

Put out your lights and ornaments without having to drag in a Christmas tree.

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