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From "Scrooged" To "Krampus", Here Are 15 Christmas Horror Films I Really Think You Should Watch

"Merry Redrum!"

Some people would rather enjoy jolly mayhem than Hallmark merriness, and there's nothing wrong with that!

From creepy Christmas tales, to scary stories using the holiday as a backdrop, here are 15 Christmas films that fans of horror are sure to enjoy:

1. Starting with the only holiday stop-motion movie that matters! The Nightmare Before Christmas is a perfect all-in-one holiday film.

jack skellington dressed as santa clause

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Disney / Disney+ / Via

2. Next up, you cannot convince me that Scrooged ~wasn't~ intended to be nightmare fuel.

corpse of a man clutching a mans hand

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Paramount Pictures / Via

3. We would be remiss to not include the OG (depending on who you ask) slasher flick, Black Christmas.

woman holding phone frightened

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Ambassador Film / Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

4. Speaking of being a "grinch", we've included The Grinch, naturally.

the grinch pointing a finger up to sally who

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Universal Pictures / Via

5. Pooka! may technically be an episode of a horror anthology series, however, it's Christmas-themed and 83 minutes long. So it's on the list!

mascot of the pooka character staring menancingly

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Hulu / Via

6. I need you to hear me out on this one, but Home Alone is a fantastic scary Christmas movie.

kevin mcallister being held on a door hook by marv and harry in home alone

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20th Century Fox / Via

7. Actually, here is Better Watch Out, which is essentially a version of Home Alone where the bad guys actually do get maimed.

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Well Go USA / Rialto Distribution / Via

8. And if you're into a horror with fun music, then Anna and the Apocalypse is your flick!

girl singing and dancing in the middle of the street with zombies behind her

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Vertigo Releasing / Via

9. However, if you're looking for a more sombre "plague around Christmas" type of film, Silent Night is my suggestion.

a family sitting at a christmas dinner table staring at each other

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Altitude / AMC+ / RLJE Films / Via

10. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, the demon in Krampus will let ya know!

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Universal Pictures / Via

11. I would recommend Red Snow if you love seeing vampires, Christmas, and cartoonish blood splatters intersect!

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4Digital Media / Via

12. The Shining has been mentioned, and it got me thinking that yes, this film absolutely is a Christmas movie!

jack nicholson smiling menancingly in broken door frame

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Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

13. But if you'd rather watch a cabin-fever horror that we *know* takes place at Christmas, then watch The Lodge.

woman hiking in snow up to house in the shape of a cross

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Neon / Sony Pictures Releasing International / Via

14. Again hear me out – if you watch The Nutcracker in 3D, you'll understand why it's terrifying.

little girl staring into mirror that has a hand coming through it

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G2 Pictures / Via

15. And lastly, Gremlins is THE Christmas horror movie to watch annually!

gizmo from gremlins in santa hat playing a keyboard

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Warner Bros. Pictures / Amblin Entertainment / Via

Which of these holiday horrors will you watch this year? Let us know in the comments!