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These 15 Pups Are Probably More Excited For Christmas Than You

Happy howlidays!!!

Hi, friends!!! These festive floofs need some love!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send in pictures of their jolly dogs in their holiday best and here are some of our faves! Tap their pictures as many times as you want to give 'em some love, and give extra boops to the most creative pup!

1. These two adorable puppy pals:

2. This v festive floof:

3. This fella who looks like he could exclaim "Bah Humpug" at any moment:

4. This adorable lil' Santa Paws:

5. This jolly ol' elf:

6. The cutest reindeer of all:

7. This cozy lil' boi:

8. This pug in her Christmas best:

9. This Christmas Eve puppy:

10. This very goob boi:

11. This snow dog:

12. This lil' angel:

13. This merry doggo:

14. This Santy Claws:

15. And this joyful pup:

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