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    21 Amazing Wedding Miracles That'll Make You So Happy

    "We got a big gay rainbow for our big gay wedding!"

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us if anything magical or downright miraculous happened on their wedding day. Here are some of the best responses:

    1. The quadruple rainbow:

    "My father passed away about a month before the big day. Whenever you sent my dad to the store for something, he never came back with just one of said item. We would tease him, 'If one is good, four must be better!' Anyway, it rained off and on during my sister's wedding, but it stopped raining for the important parts. By the time we were all in the tents for the reception, it was coming down pretty hard. But then, the rain stopped, the sky began to clear, and arching over us was not just a rainbow or a double rainbow, but a quadruple rainbow. My mom turned to my sister and said, 'If one is good, four must be better.'"

    —Morgan Pulitzer, Facebook

    2. The lucky brooch:

    "My bridesmaids were trying to button the top of my dress, but it just wasn't working out. Luckily, my sister had found my grandmother's brooch and put in her purse the night before in case I wanted to wear it. We ended up using it to pin my dress shut, and it was like a part of my grandma was with me on my special day."


    3. The mother-in-law with ESP:

    "My mother-in-law figured out that I was already pregnant when she noticed I toasted with apple juice instead of champagne! It was a really happy moment for a magical day! She got another daughter and found out she was going to be a grandma all in one day!"


    4. The perfectly timed blizzard:

    "My wedding caused Snowpocalypse. Our invitations and decorations were all snowflake-themed for our December wedding in Williamsburg, Virginia, where snow is a pretty rare occurrence. I didn't have much hope for a winter wonderland. As my fiancé and I concluded the rehearsal, we emerged into a flurry of snowflakes. The snow continued to fall throughout the night, covering most of Virginia in 1-2 feet of snow. Somehow, Williamsburg escaped the worst of the blizzard, leaving us with just enough snow for the perfect winter wedding."

    —Annie Muirhead, Facebook

    5. The drive-by donation:

    "We were taking pictures outside of the church in the front where people could see us from the road. Some guy saw us, drove into the parking lot and gave my husband and me $200. A complete stranger wanted to give use money as a wedding present!"


    6. The ultimate good-luck charm:

    "My wedding took place in the backyard of my parents' home in northern Minnesota. As I started walking down the aisle, two bald eagles flew overhead. The eagle is a sign of good fortune in Native American culture, and seeing two as the ceremony began certainly seemed like a blessing."


    7. The surprise baby:

    "My sister-in-law was supposed to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. However, she got pregnant and had my niece five days before the wedding by emergency C-section. Understandably, we didn't think she would make the wedding, which broke my heart. Just before I was going to go in the doors and walk down the aisle, my father nudged my arm and gestured to the right. There was my sister-in-law and my niece! It was the best surprise. I cried so many happy tears."


    8. The last-minute arrival:

    "My longtime friend's car broke down on her way to my ceremony. She phoned me crying from the side of the highway while I got my hair done, saying they were waiting on a tow truck and would try to make it for the reception. She managed to arrive to catch the very end of the ceremony. My photographer caught the moment I realized she was there as we posed for a group photo. I jumped over some seats in the stadium and ran to hug her. It was a very special little moment to me."


    9. The big gay rainbow:

    "The day I got married (it was a same-sex marriage), it was due to pour all day. The chance of rain was 90-100% for the entire day. Not only did it not rain one bit, but we got a big gay rainbow for our big gay wedding!"


    10. The totally free Rolls-Royce:

    "Three days before our wedding, my husband's boss called him into his office. He had a classic 1930s-era Rolls-Royce that he'd had restored, and he offered to drive us away from the reception in the car. When we got in the car, he had champagne and flutes waiting for us. It was beautiful, and we have amazing pictures."


    11. The marriage contract that almost wasn't:

    "So it's about an hour before the cocktail hour is supposed to start, and our officiant and our families are all coming in to take photos beforehand, and the officiant comes in and goes, 'Hey, just wondering where the marriage contract is.' My almost husband and I look at each other and realize WE LEFT IT AT HOME. By pure luck and chance, my best friend just so happened to have rented a car, so she went back to our apartment to get it, and made it back 15 MINUTES before the beginning of the ceremony. It was AMAZING! And absolutely terrifying."


    12. The symbolic dragonfly:

    "My dad had passed away a few years before my wedding and we always associate dragonflies with him. During my ceremony, a dragonfly landed on my dress and sat there the entire time before it flew away at the end. It was a sign that my dad was with me on my wedding day."


    13. The college that really came through:

    "This 'miracle' was due to the pure kindness of the woman who was in charge of venues at my alma mater. We got married in the chapel on campus and, due to a double booking at the nearby reception hall, had to beg last-minute to hold our reception for 250 people on campus, as well. The college moved their entire new student orientation out of the massive reception hall just for our wedding day so that we could use the ballroom! Plus, we were struggling to pay for the new catering through the college and had to cut out a few hors d'oeuvres to save money. When we arrived at the reception hall, there was the giant fruit and cheese table that I had cancelled because we couldn’t afford it, with a lovely note: 'A Wedding Gift From St. Mary’s College.' It brought a tear to my eye!"


    14. The drop-by fiddler:

    "We had our wedding in a park and hired an Irish music duo to play. About halfway through our reception, a man walked up holding a violin and said, 'I play fiddle! May I join?' He was a lovely addition, and to this day, we sneak up behind each other and say, 'I play fiddle!'"

    —Elizabeth Israel-Davis

    15. The super-speedy recovery:

    "My husband wound up in the hospital the week of our wedding with a very serious infection. We weren't sure whether he would be well enough to make it to the wedding, so we had a backup plan where the rabbi would marry us in the hospital, and our family and friends would enjoy the party at our venue. When we woke up the morning of our wedding day, he was feeling better and got the all-clear to be discharged! My husband got discharged at 11 and was ready to go for pictures at 1! He wasn't allowed to drink, so we both drank iced tea all night and had a perfect day together."


    16. The rainstorm that wasn't a shitstorm:

    "We got married overlooking a lake in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. The whole week leading up to the big day was sunny and beautiful. Of course, the day of the wedding called for rain, but we went ahead with the ceremony outside. We could see the storm coming across the lake, but it managed to hold off until after the ceremony. In fact, I was told that as we were pronounced husband and wife and kissed, there was a strike of lightning behind us! After we walked back down the aisle and into a covered area, it started to POUR! Luckily, the rain only lasted about 10 minutes, then the sun came back out and the rest of the day was beautiful!"

    —Melissa Barron, Facebook

    17. The Love Actually moment:

    "The power went out at the venue right before our first dance. I'd asked one of my bridesmaids to play our first dance song acoustically, so that was going to be fine, but our dances with our parents were going to be played over the speakers. The wedding coordinator talked to my bridesmaid and her boyfriend, and after my husband and I finished our first dance, they started playing 'All You Need Is Love' for me and my dad. My husband and his mom got up and started dancing, too. My dad raised me on the Beatles, and we both know all the words, so naturally we started singing along, and before too long everyone at the reception was standing and singing, 'All you need is love. Ya-da-dada-da!' at the top of their lungs while we danced. The power came back on right before everyone sat down for dinner, and it actually ended up being the most incredible part of the day."

    —Miranda Buell, Facebook

    18. The neighbor from heaven:

    "My neighbors all wanted to watch me leave my house, so as my bridesmaids got in the cars, they all congregated in the road. I wasn't leaving for another half an hour, but I stepped outside so that they could see my dress. Cue the front door slamming, locking my dad's top hat, my accessories and bouquet indoors. Praise be, my brother had left a bedroom window open and my neighbor had a long ladder. After a quick shimmy along the roof from my hero neighbor, we were reunited with the flowers and hat. I am forever grateful to Jeff from next door."

    —Amanda Hamilton, Facebook

    19. The park wedding that almost wasn't:

    "We had our ceremony in one of Savannah's small parks. We drove by 36 hours before and noticed they were removing all the brick pathways — our wedding had missed their radar and they were planning on ripping it up. We called every parks and city council member we knew. The final paver went in the morning of our wedding and it was just as magical as we'd hoped for."


    20. The very cool school:

    "I got to marry my husband at the elementary school where I met him 18 years ago. We never thought the school (now a private school) would go for it, but my husband emailed them anyway, half joking. They loved our story and all they asked for was a small donation to get a new dishwasher. It made the day that much more special for us."

    —Shauna Frenza, Facebook

    21. The Las Vegas miracle:

    "We eloped at the crummiest chapel on the Vegas Strip, on Thanksgiving day, with zero guests and no wedding dress. After we had our piece of paper saying we're legally committed, we went to check in to our hotel on the strip. The concierge casually asked us why we were visiting Vegas on a holiday, and we told him we were both active duty Navy, stationed on opposite sides of the country, and we had come to get married just before my fourth deployment. The concierge smiled, kept checking us in, and handed us our room keys with a quick 'Congratulations, and thanks for serving.' He had upgraded us to the biggest, nicest suite the hotel had, with complimentary show tickets and a dinner at the hotel's four-star restaurant. BEST. HONEYMOON. EVER."

    —Meg Biery, Facebook

    These submissions have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

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