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21 Practical-Ish Gifts That Are Made In The USA

Homegrown's alright with me.

1. This patriotic leather coaster set.

2. This purrfect throwback baseball cap.

3. This cheeky leather tray.

4. This knit headband to keep your ears nice and toasty.

Get it from Cafe Nyleta for $24.

5. This freeze-dried ice cream that let's you eat like an astronaut.

Get it from Hickorees for $4.

6. These classic "Bean Boots" to keep your feet dry despite whatever winter throws your way.

7. Or these crazy traction devices to keep you from slipping in snow or ice.

Get them from Stabil for $29.95.

8. This lightweight pack with cool climbing rope straps.

Get it from Topo Designs for $69. Nice.

9. These comfy socks made from recycled cotton.

Get them from Hickorees for $19.

10. A cozy and chunky knit hat.

Get one from Columbiaknit for $6.99 - $12.95.

11. A super soft pima cotton long sleeve T-shirt.

Get it from Buck Mason for $45.

12. A sturdy and stylish handlebar bag.

13. A classic, camo buck knife.

14. A tough-as-nails T-shirt.

15. This "hair organizer" aka comb.

16. This packable food and water dish for dogs.

Get it from Frost River for $20.

17. An all-natural candle that legitimately smells like the woods.

18. A blood-red billfold.

19. A durable tote bag that packs into itself.

Get it from Battenwear for $40.

20. These high-tech golf balls.

Get them from Callaway for $39.99.

21. A signature scent with some ~spiritual~ vibes.


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