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17 Times Millennials Really Fucked Up In 2016

Ugh, to choose avocado toast or to buy a house? Life is so hard.

1. Being busy with so much killing.

2. So. Much. Killing.

3. Just the total inability to ever save money.

4. The terrible struggle of deciding whether we should give up smashed avo or not.

5. Because, you know, saving $20 a week will totally help us afford a house.

Forgoing a $20 smashed avocado meal a week will save $1040 a year. A 20% deposit for a home in Sydney is ~$200,000 (@ median house price)

Next century sometime.

6. Facing confusion whenever a non-millennial tries to talk to us face-to-face.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Talk to them.

7. Having constant meltdowns when presented with one of these.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial ask them to make a call on this

8. As well as these foreign things.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Hand them a job application form

9. Oh, and let's not forget these confusing artefacts.

#HowToConfuseAMillennial Show them what an antique GPS looks like

10. Consistently feeling sorry for ourselves.

11. Not being able to afford diamonds.

12. Having disastrous sex lives.

13. Being hopelessly addicted to coffee.

14. Taking the blame for literally everything.

15. Every. Damn. Thing.

16. Ruining the Olympics.

17. And basically, not being able to "sort" ourselves out.

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