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    AIB, Richa Chaddha, And Mallika Dua Teamed Up To Take Down Decades Of Bollywood's Sexism

    About goddamn time.

    Bollywood has often been accused of harrassing its lead women through song and dance and getting away with it.

    Chiragdeep International.

    All India Bakchod's latest video plays as a misogynistic highlight reel of the last 40 years of Bollywood's music videos.

    Starting with the '90s, we see an eerie similarity to Aamir Khan at his creepiest.

    Maruti International

    And of course, this won't be considered harrassment...

    Neither will this...

    Nor this.

    Balaji Motion Pictures

    And it looks like no law will save us.

    Maruti International

    Nor will any number of slaps.

    United Seven Creations

    Because when it comes to Bollywood...

    Watch the entire cringe-worthy, hilarious and extremely important video here.

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