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    This Guy Is Stuck In A Hilarious, Neverending Twitter Thread Of Fictional Video Games

    "Wine Lord: Play as a dour robot trudging round a futuristic slum, forcing citizens to chug merlot. If anyone sobers up, it's game over."

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    It all began with just one tweet from writer and internet funnyperson @FrogCroakley, aka Nate Crowley.

    Ok, why not. One like = one fictional video game.

    We last saw Crowley endlessly (and hilariously) tormenting a friend who complained that no one wished him happy birthday.

    And on 5 December, he promised to write one fictional game synopsis for every like that tweet got. At the time of writing it has 563 likes and he's got through THREE HUNDRED of them so far.

    He did consider stopping but it's still going on and on.

    He got off to a good start.

    1) Regency Ogre Duels. Lumbering brutes in powdered wigs face off with flintlocks. Irritating formal dancing minigames ruin the fun.

    2) Grief Cops: police procedural RPG with deeply embedded themes of loss and emotional damage

    3) Wasp Getter 6: possibly the pinnacle of the series so far - a triumph. Perfectly modelled wasps & immensely satisfying Getting mechanics

    And then it went on...

    10) Beastenders - someone's emptied an alien bioweapons lab into Walford; can Phil Mitchell clean up the borough with only a claw hammer?

    ...and on...

    16) Wine Lord: play as a dour robot trudging round a futuristic slum, forcing citizens to chug merlot. If anyone sobers up, it's game over

    51) Bastard Sword: a young woman on a quest for revenge in a fantasy world - but her sword is a complete & utter arsehole. It never shuts up

    Some of the games reference his Herculean task.

    27) Regret: rhythm game - play as a once-carefree SF author, cursed to invent endless fake games. Hit X to glance despairingly at twitter

    Some of them have gritty realism.

    54) Chili Garlic Sauce Mate? - gritty simulation of running both a kebab shop, and the personal life of its proprietor, in south east London

    Some are subtle variations of current hit games.

    65) Minceraft: buyers who don't spot the typo endure a survival horror experience aboard a raft of ground meat adrift in the pacific ocean

    Some of them sound grimly fascinating.

    79) Gangland Tailor: touchscreen game where you measure towering thugs for bespoke suits while selecting studiously neutral dialogue options

    There was no sign of slowing down after the 100 mark.

    131) Dinner Git - stealth game; creep around an upscale restaurant with a telescopic fork, removing choice morsels from diners' plates

    And the 200 mark.

    187) Realist Spiderman - Crouch in the corners of peoples' ceilings eating as many bugs as you can before being chased away with a newspaper

    236) Dukes of Banter - turn based bant 'em up where you play as one of a number of insecure men, belittling each other in the guise of jokes

    And on it goes.

    305) Nightbus Diplomat: it's 3am on the N21 & things are about to kick off - can you broker a truce with 3 cans of heineken & 12 hot wings?

    Crowley told BuzzFeed that he's come up with a game on average every 11 minutes. He had planned on stopping at 300, but now "all bets are off".

    "My mindset is pretty good; I am preparing to start a novel at the moment and this is kind of like doing marathon training for my imagination beforehand," he said. "But yeah, I am starting to look at completely ordinary objects and try to invent games around them."

    Crowley is working on a real game – an actual, non-fictional one. It's a text adventure called Big Mike's Lunchtime Business Training '95, which will reference a few of the made-up games.

    And since he's doomed to concoct another 250 of them, Crowley's decided to do something good for the world, by pledging to come up with another one for every £5 that's donated to the Zoological Society of London's global conservation work. So he's raising money for frogs, in other words.

    BuzzFeed decided to mock up some of the games, just in case they ever become a reality.

    208) Super LOTR Skateboarding: lead Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas across Middle Earth on skateboards, set to a midi version of the LOTR soundtrack.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    40) The Pope's Ropes: Madcap touchscreen puzzler where you must untangle spools and spools of holy rope before the pope gets cross at you

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    12) Astrohound Bombardier: Strangely desolate physics puzzler where you use a particle accelerator to fire dogs at distant objects in space.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    212) Kick City: You are a city striding on 50-mile legs; manage your economy while kicking the shit out of other cities with gigantic boots.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    1) Regency Ogre Duels: Lumbering brutes in powdered wigs face off with flintlocks. Irritating formal dancing minigames ruin the fun.

    Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

    And will it ever end? What if people keep liking the original tweet and Crowley is stuck in an infinite tweetloop forever?

    302) The Games Are Never Over - twitter sim where you make peace with giving up impossible dares, right before being plunged back into them

    BuzzFeed will bring you the latest in this ever-changing story.

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