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19 Times Demi Lovato Served Looks In 2016

I will be rising from the ground like a style icon.

1. When she kicked off the new year in style.

2. When she was casually chilling with wolves.

3. When she was best dressed.

4. When she let her body have a say.

5. When she made you question your sexuality (constantly).

6. When she performed like the boss she is.

7. When her stage makeup was on point.

8. When her beauty was just too much to handle.

9. When she let you know that Grammy nomination was coming.

10. When her eyebrows were ready to murder you.

11. When you mistook her for a supermodel.

12. When she showed off those killer abs.

13. When she let her freckles show.

14. When she perfected the selfie.

15. When she dyed her hair blonde for a week.

16. When she got rid of the blonde hair and went back to brown.

17. When she was wrapped in gold.

Demi Lovato / Via Twitter: @justcatchmedemi

18. When she turned heads in every direction.

19. And when she got us hyped for the looks she'll serve in 2017.

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